Poem: “The Crib and the Cross”


and the
“…and His sepulcher shall be glorious!” (Isaiah 11:10)

The crib –
In the shadow of the cross
Rough and hard
No lustrous gloss

No lustrous gloss
Or polished sheen
Just wood for His birth
And for the death scene

For the death scene they thought
Would end all
Casting its shadow o’er
Crib like a pall

But the crib and the cross
Both did hold
His new Body warm
His dead Body cold

Now His dead Body cold
Laid to rest in the tomb
As predicted resurrected
Warm-like from white womb

As it had been known
Back to Adam’s rib
That the wood of the cross
Was foreshadowed by crib

How was foreshadowed
This cross of wood?
Twas Mary’s tear drops
On crib as she stood

Which dripped right and left
Middle up – middle down
In the stain of a cross
On wood crib on the ground

The crib –
In the shadow of the cross
Wooden enmities ‘tween Mary
And shameful serpent’s great loss!

Hilary Flanery


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