Poem: “Thrice Holy”


Thrice Holy

In the name of God ever-living . Father of swirling atoms,
Quasars and supernovae . in the cool loam, creeping worms,
Crabs a-scuttle in the surf . high trees with branches in low clouds,
Man and the flesh of his flesh . woman with suckling babe.

In the name of God ever-fertile . and His Word, Mirror of glory,
Begotten in eternity of eternity . the perfect Son, the Image exact,
Artisan whose hand raises mountains . whose finger carves valleys,
Lord of beauty, fullness of truth . incarnate in the Carpenter.

In the name of God ever-sovereign . and His Spirit, the Breath of peace,
The Wind who stirs dead souls . the Ghost who ceaseless pours
From His throne in the Father’s breast . to guide the wandering blind:
O Gift of the Son, Nursemaid of life . Wine of sweet rebirth.

Philip Primeau


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