Nigerians Fight to Uphold Marriage Under Obama’s Pressure


The Catholic Medical Association of Nigeria (CMAN) congratulated that country’s Senate for defending marriage in law, but it condemned what it called the “coordinated ferocity” of foreign governments, NGOs, and international organizations which pressured the Senate not to pass the bill. CMAN called this interference “forces of neo-colonialism, imperialism, and secular humanism.” The bill, which enjoys overwhelming popular support, now goes to the lower house and then, if passed, to the president to be signed into law.

This is not what US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had in mind when she declared in Geneva last Tuesday that, democracy-be-damned, leaders should pass laws no matter what the people think: “Leadership, by definition, means being out in front of your people when it is called for…we are each free to believe whatever we choose…But progress comes from changes in laws.” Her point was that religion and culture, and apparently public opinion, has no place in the discussion about homosexual rights. reported that the Obama administration has been interfering aggressively in the Nigeria deliberations, threatening to cut off aid if the law is passed. Nigeria’s information minister, Labaran Maku said, “Between Europe, America and Africa there is a huge culture gap. Some of the things that are considered fundamental rights abroad also can be very offensive to African culture and tradition and to the way we live our lives here.”

As for the threat of the loss of funds, for now Nigerians say they will stand firm no matter the cost, “If the U.S or any other foreign country wants to strip us of aid because we still hold on tightly to our values, then so be it,” said pastor Tosin Omole according to

With Clinton’s speech on Tuesday, the Obama administration has attempted to up the ante in the war between God and mammon.


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