Poem: “Good Friday”


Good Friday

On this day a cross was shed.
The price was paid.
The ransom satisfied,
The debt was removed.

Hung He had for those long hours,
In silence and in suffering.
The pain severe
Enough (so as) to bring agony to the witnesses.

He held His cries
‘Till the bitter end,
When He pleaded for their forgiveness.
For they did not know
What they had done.

He expired with a cry
And a spear was thrust
To assure the act was complete.
Hung He did for a few moments more.
While the world around Him exploded

Taken down and laid at her feet,
The mother who suckled and reared Him
Wept in stunned disbelief
As she beheld her child before her.

She held Him close
And kissed His face
And wiped away the blood.
Cry she did as His life was spent.
And her heart was a void within her.

The Lord, the Lord
Had been taken from us
In such a shameful way.
No mercy was shown.
No torture was exempt.
For the man
Who would rise in three days.
Praise God.

L. Lapiz


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