40 Days for Life Through the Eyes of a Child


Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life

There is NEVER a dull moment during a 40 Days for Life campaign.

I am writing this message from an airport. I looked up a few moments ago and I saw someone wearing a 40 Days for Life shirt.

As he got closer, I noticed he looked familiar.

 It was David Bereit, our national director! 

We both just laughed when we saw each other. With 247 cities participating in 40 Days for Life right now, I guess it was only a matter of time until David and I ran into each other at an airport. 

 As David and I get ready to jump on planes, I wanted to share two beautiful stories about children helping save the lives of other children.

The abortion industry doesnt like it when we talk about children — it reminds everyone what this so-called “choice” is all about.

So lets keep talking about children!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A small group was quietly praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Pittsburgh when a van pulled into a parking place near Planned Parenthood.

There was a little girl in the van who kept looking at the people praying, and talking to her mom. This went on for about five minutes.

The woman and her daughter finally got out of the van and headed towards a nearby business. As they passed the people praying, the little girl handed one of the volunteers a dollar.

She had mistakenly thought the volunteer’s sign said PAY to end abortion! Of course, that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Thank you, but you don’t have to pay us, the volunteer told the child. In fact, there’s something far more important and special that you can give. You can pray to God that He will put an end to abortion.

The mother then talked about that conversation in the van — explaining to her daughter what abortion was. Her daughter could not understand why a mother would throw away her own child.

The girl then asked if she could have the sign — the one that really says PRAY to end abortion.

As they drove away, one of the volunteers noted, God is so amazing the way He uses the little children to teach us so much about child-like faith.

To see pictures of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Pittsburgh, please go to: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=1736

Southfield, Michigan

Mike in Southfield also has a story involving a child — an 11-year-old who owes his life to people praying on the sidewalk in front of the abortion center.

He came along with his mother, who wanted to join the volunteers in prayer and to thank them for their witness.

She had come to this abortion facility 11 years ago to abort her son, Mike said. At the time, she was fearful of being pregnant and thought of abortion as her only answer.

When she arrived for the abortion, there were people praying on the sidewalk. One of them told her that Jesus wanted her to keep her baby  its better to trust in the Lord.

Well, she got real mad at this lady for telling her these things and interfering with her plans, said Mike, but she did change her mind about having an abortion that day. Today, she is a living testimony to the hope that we can bring to the sidewalk during our vigils. 

Mike also thanked the clergymen from several Christian churches who’ve led hours of prayer during the 40 Days for Life vigil. These times are always encouraging for  us because there is great comfort in the support of the clergy for the work of 40 Days for Life, he said, and because a clergy member usually draws additional people to the sidewalk to join in the prayers.

To see a photo of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Southfield, please go to: http://40daysforlife.com/blog/?p=1736


Today’s devotional is from Carmen Pate, a member of the 40 Days for Life board of directors.
Intention: Pray that we will not become defeated by the enemy’s attacks but rather call on the name of the Lord who is on our side and our help in time of trouble.
Scripture: What if the Lord had not been on our side when people attacked us? They would have swallowed us alive in their burning anger.

Praise the Lord, who did not let their teeth tear us apart! Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth — Psalm 124:2,3,6,8.
Reflection: The enemy attacks in many ways, but one of his favorites is to slander us with hopes of tarnishing our reputation and character, and ultimately to defeat our good work for the Lord. 

It is interesting to note however that it is usually not the slander that causes harm to our testimony, but our response to the slander. Proverbs 24:10 says, “If you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small.”

If we are applying God’s truths to our lives moment by moment, we are not swayed by the lies of the enemy and we will be strong. Standing on the front lines, armed with God’s truth, places you in the battlefield for the mind.

As you are prepared to present words of love, for the sake of the unborn and for the distraught and confused women and men who are entering the abortion facilities, know that the enemy has prepared his forces to attack your mind.

Unkind words from a protester, or vicious lies in the local paper about who you are and what your mission is, can indeed be hurtful. But rather than give in to defeat, that is the time to shine for the Lord, standing firm, as you call on Him to defeat the enemy.

Remember the words of Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Let’s stand strong for those who need us most.
Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to ignore the verbal attacks of the enemy and instead turn to You, our refuge and strength. Help us to find shelter in the blessed promises and provisions of Your Word.

Thank you that no enemy can defeat us, and we praise You knowing that nothing can separate us from Your love. In the name of Jesus, we come to You, Amen.


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