A Planned Parenthood Parable


plannedparenthoodPlanned Parenthood Federation of America is sharpening the arrows in its quiver once again as it takes aim directly at the heart of the Church—the souls of unsuspecting women and their babies. If you don’t believe this, take a look at its recent “Pastoral Letter to Patients” issued by the PPFA Clergy Advocacy Board.

The letter tells readers that not “all religious leaders disapprove of abortion.” It goes on to say that, “The truth is that abortion is not even mentioned in the Scriptures—Jewish or Christian—and there are clergy and people of faith from all denominations who support women making this complex decision.”

The letter reminds me of the parable of the farmer in Matthew 21:33 who planted his vineyard and then rented it out to tenants before he went on a journey. He entrusted the vineyard that had just been planted to these men so that they could oversee it until the harvest.

The Planned Parenthood Clergy Advocacy Board represents the tenants, men, and women created by God and loved by Him who say that they operate in the service of God and His Word—protecting His truth—when in fact they are unapologetic in their false representation of God, His Word, and His love of the human person.

In the parable, the tenants kill the servants who come to harvest the vineyard. Ultimately they kill the farmer’s son as well. So, too, these charlatans who claim to be clergy entice Planned Parenthood’s prospective clients under a false premise so that they can lure them into the clutches of the practitioners of death.

These PPFA clergymen and their efforts to steal the souls of the unsuspecting will result in the loss of souls and precious lives because abortion—rather than loving care—is the final objective for these killers of the living. In the process, such clergy not only deny the omnipotence of the Creator, but they spit in the face of His Son.

For those who are aware of the manner in which the Catholic Church and her bishops teach on various topics, the phrase “pastoral letter” is synonymous with teaching documents from bishops and, at times, the pope. For the PPFA Clergy Advisory Board to corrupt those words by issuing such a conspicuously phony representation is the height of arrogance.

“All religious leaders” who are first and foremost committed to Christ agree that the act of aborting a child is a grave evil. Clergy who preach otherwise are false prophets.

The PPFA-CAB tells readers that abortion “is not even mentioned in the scriptures.” How devilish and manipulative! The word “abortion” does not appear in the Bible, but the admonition to those who shed innocent blood is—and aborting an innocent baby is at the very least the equivalent of shedding innocent blood. Proverbsexplains that one of the things the Lord hates is “hands that shed innocent blood.”

The truth is that these clergymen and women cannot see that the act of abortion is an act that sheds innocent blood, for if they were to admit that the preborn baby even exists, they could not erroneously assure women that they support their “complex decision.”

The bottom line is this, as eloquently stated by Stop Planned Parenthood national director Rita Diller:

The Church holds the line, day in and day out, against Planned Parenthood and the culture of death with which the abortion giant seeks to envelop, conquer, and destroy families. Planned Parenthood has known since the beginning that if it could defeat the Church through deception and lies and successfully portray the Church as evil and out of step with the needs of modern society, it could win the culture wars. Planned Parenthood is the enemy of the Church, the enemy of families, and the enemy of society. The sooner we all understand and act with urgency to expose it, the sooner the battle will be won.

Expose false parables; expose Planned Parenthood in every way possible. The devil will not overcome the light of truth.


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  • Jenn

    Thank you for writing on this topic! I came across that letter, and could hardly believe my eyes! Great modern day tie to the parable. We need to continue to speak up.