Abortion and Media Corruption – Are YOU Frustrated?


kermit-gosnellIf you know who Kermit Gosnell is, then you are part of a well-connected minority. Most people have never heard of America’s most prolific serial killer, the abortionist now imprisoned in Pennsylvania who has killed thousands of babies.

Gosnell’s method of choice was to deliver living, breathing, crying children in his clinic and then sever their spinal cords with scissors. Gosnell’s imprisonment is a result of conviction on three counts of this brand of first-degree murder. But there is more.

Kermit Gosnell killed women in his abortion clinic too. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter of a 41-year-old woman who died after an anesthesia overdose during an abortion in 2009. Investigators called the clinic a “house of horrors.” He kept dead baby feet in jars on the shelf and had dead babies in the freezer.

Kermit Gosnell’s macabre, graphic, sensational trial was last year. Did you hear about it in the news? I didn’t, and I was watching for it. I participated in a Tweetfest in April of 2013 in an effort to break the media blackout. 600,000 tweets with the hashtag #gosnell flooded the social media platform.

It worked–a little bit. Anderson Cooper ran a story on CNN and some newspapers reported it. Still nothing on the major networks during prime time. In fact, I saw very little on the news even as I sent letters to editors, emailed news anchors and raised as much of a ruckus on social media as I could.

Gosnell is a racist, a convicted drug dealer, and, worst of all, a mass murderer. The media closed ranks and protected him. Why? Because his story might compromise the so-called “right” to abortion. It might shine too much light on the dark truth of the legalized genocide going on this country. It might turn public opinion against the sacred cow of liberal feminists, the promulgators of eugenics, and sexual predators everywhere: the right to legally murder the unborn.

Here is the good news. You can do something concrete, today, to blow this story wide open.  An award-winning investigative film team is working to make a documentary for television exposing the truth about Gosnell and the media blackout.

The project is crowd sourcing to raise the funds for production. The campaign closes on May 12, and at this writing, the project is still $300,000 short of its goal. Go now to Gosnellmovie.com and read about the project, learn the gruesome facts about Gosnell that you might not know and consider becoming part of a project that could expose the evil truth about abortion and the media conspiracy protecting it in this country.


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Terri Kimmel is wife to a great man and mother to his nine adorable and gifted children. She homeschools, keeps a kitchen worm bin, and bumbles at needlework and gardening. While looking forward to the joys of grandparenting, she continues to pray for at least one son to become a priest. She studies foreign language online and shamelessly strains to understand the Spanish she hears at the grocery store, hoping La Virgen de Guadalupe, her mother, is pleased. On Twitter @terri_kimmel.

  • Catholic Fast Food Worker

    Thank you, Mrs. Kimmel, for your article. Film is one of the most powerful forms of media available today (the number one most powerful medium, in my opinion). I pray that those many innocent ones killed by Gosnell may now have eternal peace on the palms of our loving Father, & I also pray that this story of holocaust (abortion/Gosnell) may be heard & seen throughout this nation. Thank you again for your work & efforts.

  • Praelium

    Thank you for the persuasive essay on the need to demolish vices by broadcasting the just punishment of Gosnell. I saw your essay on Indiegogo when donating there. Keep up the good work.

  • goral

    A documentary for television, who’s going to air it besides EWTN?