Book Review: Tiny Blue Lines


Tiny Blue LinesWhen Chaunie Marie Brusie faced an unplanned pregnancy in her senior year of college, she didn’t know where to turn for help. Now an obstetric nurse, married mother of three, and founder of, she is working hard to make sure that other young women have resources to help them cope with this unexpected and profound life change.

Profoundly pro-life, Tiny Blue Lines (Ave Maria Press, 2014) is designed to help young Catholic women realize that life isn’t over simply because of an unplanned pregnancy. Brusie offers her own support and encouragement as well as wisdom garnered from many other young mothers who have thrived and succeeded despite challenging circumstances.

Brusie understands why abortion can seem like an appealing option, especially when facing one’s own guilt, as well as the condemnation of others. She emphasizes the need for young mothers to serve as role models and share their stories so that other scared young woman can realize that having a child at a young age is doable and that it doesn’t mean life is over.

Topics covered in Tiny Blue Lines include: how to tell your parents, things to consider before getting married, dealing with feelings of guilt, the truth about giving birth, reclaiming your life, dealing with rude people, and going to college while a young mom. While geared especially for young moms, many of the topics are applicable for mothers of any age.

For those of us who are beyond this stage of our lives, it is helpful to read this book to understand the challenges that young mothers face so that we can be more supportive and understanding. Especially for those of us who claim to be a pro-life, an important component of that is supporting those who are facing unplanned pregnancy. Brusie includes a talking guide for religious and pro-life organizations so that well-intentioned people can be more aware of what to say and what not to say to a woman facing a crisis pregnancy.




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