Call for Federal Investigation of Fetal DNA/Autism Vaccine Link


Children of God for Life ( )  and Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute ( ) are calling on federal officials to investigate the cause of autism in children who have received vaccines produced using aborted fetal cell lines.

Past studies have focused on the use of thimerosal in vaccines as reason for the rise in autism.  However, despite the removal of this preservative, autism continued to rise, leaving many to assume there was no link between vaccines and autism. 

“Change-points in the rise of autism do not coincide with Thimerosal in childhood vaccines,” stated Dr Theresa Deisher, Chief Scientist and founder of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI). “However, those change-points do coincide directly with the use of human fetal cells to produce vaccines.”

In March 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency published a study identifying what is called a ‘change-point’ in US and worldwide autism rates. Taken together, the work at SCPI and the EPA publication establish three US change-points for autism disorder; 1981, 1988 and 1996, whereby some sort of exposure or environmental trigger affected children born in and after those dates.  That trigger was the introduction of fetal DNA in vaccines.

In 1979, Merck’s MMR vaccine, which uses fetal cell lines in the rubella component, was licensed for use in children beginning at 12 months of age. Autism in the US began to rise in 1981, then spiked dramatically between 1983 and 1990 and again in 1996. In 1988, measles outbreaks caused a massive MMR vaccine compliance campaign which increased vaccination rates from 49% to over 82% by 1991. And in 1989, a second dose of MMR was recommended for children who were not immune to measles after only one dose. Then in 1995, the US licensed Merck’s Varivax varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.  Like the MMR, Varivax also uses fetal cell lines and is given to children aged 12-18 months of age.

Deisher’s study and the EPA change-points reveal the same results for the UK, Canada, Denmark, Japan, and several South East Asian countries as the fetal vaccines were introduced to those markets.

“These vaccines are contaminated with human endogenous retrovirus K (HERVK) that is in the same family as the MMLV virus that induced leukemia in young boys in gene therapy trials”, noted Dr Deisher.  “Additionally, the vaccines contain significant residual human DNA fragments that can insert themselves into vaccine recipient cells through a process known as homologous recombination.  This insertion can cause genomic disruption resulting in autism.”

The early findings of Dr Deisher drew the attention of at least one other well-known scientist from the pharmaceutical industry, Dr Helen Ratajczak. In her paper published in the Journal of Immunotoxicology she noted that thimerosal was removed from the MMR vaccine in 1979. 

In a March 2011 CBS news interview Dr Ratajczak stated, “That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it’s an ongoing inflammation.”

Children of God for Life’s Executive Director Debi Vinnedge was not entirely shocked by the findings.

“While we have focused primarily on the moral aspects of using aborted fetal material, the question of that DNA’s impact on autism have remained unanswered”, she stated.  “It is critical that Dr Deisher’s work is explored further, especially since the FDA is well aware of the dangers of extraneous human DNA in vaccines.”

In the 2008 journal Biologicals, (pg 184-197) FDA scientists stated the danger of residual DNA in vaccines “has been debated for over 50 years, without resolution”. Those dangers include cancer, autoimmunity and genomic disruption.

More startling is the amount of DNA Deisher found in these vaccines.  While the FDA guidelines allow for no more than 10ng per vial, on average the rubella vaccines contained over 140 ng per vial.

“I would call this a ticking time bomb, except in this case, autism has already exploded”, stated Vinnedge.  “The CDC and FDA need to recognize the importance of this new evidence and provide real solutions for parents.”


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  • Please pass this article along. Also go to the Children of God for Life website and Facebook pages and make sure you stay up to date with information. This story needs to be forwarded to anybody you know in the federal government. The time to act has come. This has gone for too long in violation of ethics and in violation of the Vatican’s statements from the Pontifical Academy of Life that no parents should be even forced to use these vaccines.

    • hjean82

      Hi Mark- can you tell me where I could find more concrete information about which companies (specifically) use aborted fetal cells, in which vaccines and in what amounts? I feel like I need to be armed with better facts about this. My family and I disagree about the safety of vaccines and I’d like to know all the facts before I pass this along. Thank you.

  • Mary Kochan

    I have a question, Mark. What about the children of the people who have autism? Do the fetal genes get passed on to them?

  • As I understand the science, and I have limited capacities in this area, you would only have a propensity with your own genetic make-up to be pre-disposed to being on the autism spectrum to begin with…how that is transmitted is not entirely mapped out. A possible trigger as outlined in the literature that was examined by Dr Ratajczak and quoted in the article from Children of God for Life indicates that given a certain pre-disposition, or possibly when a person’s immune system is weakened or stressed because of a cold or fever, you could trigger an attack on the brain and begin a progression that would lead to this diagnosis. So I don’t think in this sense “autism” can be passed on, as I understand it.

  • nickkname

    Autism is not able to transferred by anything. It is only passed on by generation. As someone with autism and as someone who has studied autism, I should know.

  • nickkname

    And another thing: Why do so many Catholics fall for this political garbage? From “vaccines cause autism” to “the end is neigh” to “nature is better than people” to “abortion is a satanic ritual” to “Obama is the antichrist” to “homosexuals deserve to die” to “the media is liberal” to “Communism is Catholic” to “television is evil” to “technology is anti- catholic” to other political garbage, it’s disgusting how easily Catholics are misled and allow themselves to be misled by fallacies, policies, and their own pious ideas rather than live according to the Spirit of Truth!

  • Erika Marie

    There is still too much that we do not know about autism to say for certain what ’causes’ it but I find the work of Dr. Deisher very interesting and feel there is a real need to seriously consider the moral, ethical, and scientific implications surrounding the use of human cell tissue for making certain vaccines. I applaud those like Dr. Deisher, Debi Vinnedge and Mark Armstrong and others in the Church who will not just sweep this under the rug. Still, I feel that the majority of Catholics do not know what to do with this information. Mark-the PAFL statement does not say parents should not be forced to get these vaccines but rather asks parents to weigh the option carefully and only if there are no alternatives to go so far as to oppose them but the Church has never come out and said officially that parents cannot be forced into vaccinating their kids. This is the heart of the issue that needs to be discussed and resolved because in many states and dioceses parents ARE being essentially forced to vaccinate their children regardless of how it may or may not affect their conscience.

  • HomeschoolNfpDad

    Nickname, I won’t argue with you on the autism question. Your own experience and knowledge obviously go far beyond anything I could muster. I will note, however, that not every medical study is a valid analysis of the available data. Most of the problems are methodological, which do not get reported in the sound bites. For instance, a recent study highlighting the dangers of co-sleeping does not differentiate among the various adults who might sleep alongside a child they are related to. In other words, whether the actual danger that entered into the statistical evidence came from a parent or a drunk uncle, it was treated the same by the study. Conclusions reached through such a methodology merit doubt.

    Another recent study of women using hormonal contraception concludes that contraception use actually reduces the risk of certain types of cancer. Now, aside from the fact that this directly contradicts every other study done about the side effects of hormonal contraceptive use, it also raises methodological questions. In a population such as ours where the use of hormonal contraception is so widespread, how far did the researchers go to find a genuine control group — meaning a group of women who have never used hormonal contraception at all. I tend to wonder whether the control group in such a broad study as this one controls anything.

    Finally, medical study these days are motivated by ideology. This is as much true of a federally-sponsored study as it ever was of the tobacco-company sponsored studies of old. This does not mean that those studies are invalid. It does mean that questions ought to be welcomed. The whole purpose of submitted a study for review is to identify biases that the researchers might be incapable of identifying themselves. Such questions tend to improve the research over time. No doubt this article by the Children of God for Life has its own built-in ideological biases. But in a world where ideas are genuinely welcomed, the competing biases would work themselves out simply by being open. That they do not suggests as much about the biases of non-catholics as Catholics.

    As for the rest, well ugh! You’ve seen too narrow a sample of your fellow Catholics. I shall pray that Our Lord might help them to be more broad-minded! And I shall pray for you that you might persevere in the face of such a narrow-minded set of ideas!

  • HomeschoolNfpDad

    On the other hand, it is possibler that your fellow Catholics simply do not express themselves well. At the risk of identifying my own limitations, I shall endeavor something better on a few topics:

    o “Abortion is a satanic ritual”: Well, there can be no doubt that Satan’s work is involved. Most abortions result from fear and anxiety, two things which we pray to rid ourselves from at every Mass. They also result from misunderstanding and deception. In Tradition, Satan is commonly called the Adversary and the Father of Lies because he works against the Church and against Truth and indeed must use such indirect methods to accomplish anything. In the end, abortion only causes pain; what it requires is healing. That healing cannot come without Truth, who is Jesus. Finally, as the Bible says, you cannot use the devil to drive out the devil. Therefore, let us pray for Truth in this matter more than anything else.

    o “Obama is the antichrist”: As conservative blogger James Tarantor of the Wall Street Journal observes, this is definitely false. Obama is a left-wing pol — and a very good one. This obviously frustrates many people who disagree with his policies and are less effective in convincing others than Obama is. Let us therefore pray that Obama is successful in everything he does that does not contradict Catholic faith and morals — and let us pray for his conversion in everything else.

    o “Homosexuals deserve to die”: Not sure where this one came from. I have never seen it expressed by any Catholic who strives for fidelity to the Church.

    o “The media is liberal”: There are actually studies that identify this in an objective fashion, including party affiliation and sympathy towards specific policies that are identified as “liberal.” In every case where “liberal” is strictly defined and “media” is restricted to what is generally known as the mainstream media, such statistical analyses overwhelmingly identify an alignment among the two.

    o “Communism is Catholic”: Most definitely let us pray for an end to Liberation Theology. Recently, there was an article about two brothers in Brasil, both priests. One remained committed to Liberation Theology; the other abandoned it, noting that where Jesus is, there also are the poor — but the converse is not necessarily true. Indeed. Let us pray for a complete conversion of all hearts and a proper understanding of what Blessed John Paul has called a preferential option for the poor.

    o “Television is evil”: As with anything else of its ilk, television is simply a tool. It is a tool used for both good and evil. But much of its content in recent years has become inundated with violence and sexualized. Sometimes both together. Objective studies have identified this trend. Therefore let us pray for more content along the lines of what (for example) EWTN and Qubo Channel offer. Better still, let us pray that our brothers and sisters reduce their time in front of the tube and increase their time engaging in genuine human interactions. As Blessed Theresa of Calcutta once observed, let us not wait for leaders. Start now, person-to-person.

    o “Technology is anti-catholic”: The same arguments apply to this one as to the television argument. However, I have never heard it articulated by anyone who strives (and certainly fails) for fidelity to the Church.

  • Couple of thoughts. First there has not been an adequate explanation of why non-vaccinated (boys in particular) have a 1-5 per 10,000 autism rate when 1-5 per 100 occurs in those vaccinated, particularly when you see the spikes that happen with the introductions of certain vaccines that just happen to contain human DNA. That DNA came from voluntarily aborted babies.

    Second, someone above stated, “states and dioceses parents ARE being essentially forced to vaccinate their children regardless of how it may or may not affect their conscience.” This is simply not true. A Catholic is never forced to go against their conscience in any matter. How would we have martyrs for our Faith is this were true?

    I am not advocating parents being a martyr either. Go back and read what the Pontifical Academy of Life has said in this matter. This is a matter of grave moral concern. The PLA told parents that if you choose to vaccinate your children with the DNA from humans then at the very least you must register your objections with your medical provider, tell them you think this is terrible and demand changes. How many Catholic parents do this? Clearly not enough because the statement from the PLA was issued in 2005 and it is getting worse not better.

    People need to wake up the truth. We are using humans to make human vaccines, make human food flavors, make human cosmetics, make human drugs and it is not going to be too long before we manufacture humans unless we demand and end to the Culture of Death we live in. As C.S. Lewis, “The real objection is that if man chooses to treat himself as raw material, raw material he will be: not raw material to be manipulated, as he fondly imagined, by himself, but by mere appetite, that is, mere Nature, in the person of his de-humanized Conditioners.” From Abolition of Man.

  • Erika Marie

    HomeschoolNfpDad–thank you for taking the time to offer some answers for the Nickname’s ‘concerns’. I felt you made some good points that hopefully Nickname might consider.

    Mark, I agree with everything you say and agree adamantly that people need to wake up and take action. I see what you see and feel what you feel about it. And again, I thank you and ask God to bless you for working hard to inform and share this vital information. However, because of how bad it has gotten, reading and talking about these unacceptable atrocities against human life (preborn and born) is not enough. It’s time to turn our anger into constructive action.

    Yes, you are technically right in saying that “A Catholic is never forced to go against their conscience in any matter,” but if a Catholic school or Diocese tells parents they either vaccinate their children or they can’t enroll their children in the Diocesan school then they are definitely putting these parents and their consciences in a difficult position. Do you agree?
    Either they (the parents) will go against their conscience and homeschool/public school (not that these are evil but for some families this method of schooling is contrary to their conscience) or they will go against their conscience and vaccinate with these vaccines to keep them in the school.
    Now, one will say that this comes from the state laws and not from the Church. And that one is right in saying so. So then, who will the “martyrs for the Faith be” in this case of government overstep? The parents who refuse the vaccines, consequently barring their children from the Catholic schools? Or will it be the Bishops and Priests allowing parents to obtain a religious or conscience objection to the state mandated-vaccines?

    Now, you say a parent should voice their concerns to their Dr. and even write letters to the pharma companies. I agree, and this is precisely what the PAFL encourages, but what good will it do for a parent to say, “Dr. I’m very opposed to these unethical vaccines” but then still use the said vaccines?
    If I am at the grocery story and tell the cashier that I am opposed the Kraft using aborted-human tissue to make their products taste good but I continue to buy the Kraft products (b/c I need to eat right?) will Kraft have much of an incentive to stop using these taste enhancers? This isn’t a perfect comparison because there are alternative food products to Kraft. It’s also an imperfect comparison because people always need food and would definitely die without food but the same cannot be said in definite terms about what could or would happen to an unvaccinated child. But I digress into a deeper part of the issue here.

  • Erika Marie et al,

    From Debi at Children of God for Life (who can help you more directly if you contact her through her website, there are currently 20 out of 195 Catholic diocese in the United States that do NOT allow religious exemptions:
    all 15 in Texas, Atlanta Ga, St Petersburg Fl, Wichita KS, Rockville
    Center and the Archdiocese of NY (but the last 2 makes exceptions from
    time to time). If you live there I pray for change. It is sad. The USCCB should make a statement that all Diocese should follow. The vast majority do the teachings of the PLA 2005 statement.

    There are only 2 states that do not have religious exemptions in their public schools – W. VA and Mississippi. That is an outrage when everyone talks about people’s rights. To force vaccination is immoral and unethical from a pure humanist standpoint.

    And finally I would like to clarify, from Debi again, why boys are predisposed to autism. it i.s because the hot spots for DNA insertion are found on the X chromosome – and Dr Deisher notes that is in 8 of 15 autism related genes.

    I pray for this information to continue to be passed on and discussed, it is the most human rights issue of our time. Remember though we live in a society that is rejecting God. Taking Him out of schools, out of public places, when that happens decisions in law and government attempts to be made without God. We know atheistic states cannot survive for long. As the philiosopher Peter Kreeft said at last years Catholic Medical Association conference in Seattle. “Science tries to be value neutral,” said Kreeft. “It tells us how to clone a human being, it cannot tell us whether you should. Philosophy cannot really either. Religion is the only discipline that asks the question, ‘What is Man?’”

    If we let governments decide that we can used humans from the moment after conception until the 9th month of a voluntary abortion to develop vaccines, drugs, food flavor enhancers, cosmetics and other biologics for other humans, as we are doing now, we have already cross the from C.S. Lewis in “Abolition of Man.”

  • Erika Marie

    “If you live there I pray for change. It is sad. The USCCB should make a statement that all Diocese should follow. The vast majority do the teachings of the PLA 2005 statement” The state law where I am makes it difficult even if the USCCB issued a statement it would not solve the issue here. Thank you though, Mark, for your prayers. I would like to write you privately to see how you might be able to help us in Wichita aside from your prayers. I’ll pm you on facebook through the COG page soon.