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  • fishman

    Is distributional the only model that can be worked out from catholic social teaching? Certainly there church has laid down principles, but has it actually laid down a formula? I think the implementation of those principles is can vary significantly depending on who is attempting to use them and in what situation.

    For instance, the article seems to imply that the national minimum wage is a good thing.

    Might it not be better for the minimum wage to be set on a quarterly basis on a by the county commissioner based on the estimated cost of living withing a given county?

    The principle is that a fair , or living wage should be given to the laborer, but that leaves much room for the actual implementation of that principle.

    What if instead or or perhaps a long with defining a minimum wage, the government required that all wages be variable and tied to the profit generated by a company so as to ensure that all employees share the risk of the companies investors.

    ( this is an application of the principle that ownership is a good thing and consistent with the idea of the ‘dignity of work’ )

    Also, there are many small tweaks that could be made to corporate law that would encourage the existence of many small corporations as opposed to super powerful , mega corporations we have today.

    Those kinds of policies would distribute more wealth to more people.