Contraception Mandate: Turning America Into Europe


President Obama thought he picked a fight over birth control, one that his re-election campaign quickly touted to his supporters. Instead, he has united Catholics, Evangelicals, those who cherish religious freedom and the right to follow one’s conscience, and those who believe that children are a blessing, not a “punishment” (as Obama once called babies).

President Obama is requiring every employer in the U.S. to provide birth control through health insurance (including methods that can cause abortions). But in the ensuing firestorm of criticism, including Catholic and Evangelical leaders stating they will go to jail rather than comply, one aspect of the philosophy driving this totalitarian order has not come up.

Military expert Susan Yoshihara points out that Obama’s worldview, that sees children as mistakes, would lead to weakening America by resulting in fewer people. In her words:

“President Obama is calling contraception ‘preventative health care for women’ like they do in Europe, as if pregnancy and children are a disease. But Americans are still choosing to have enough children to replace themselves, and so long as that continues the US will avoid Europe’s brutal demographic decline.

“Why do American women have more children on average than any developed country in the world? Not because they don’t have contraception. The government spends over $2 billion a year for family planning. Demographers say it’s only partly about immigration, and a lot about values:  optimism, a frontier spirit, and religious ideals. In short, Americans have children because they love children. And they know that children don’t just ‘take,’ they grow up to create, produce, and to defend us.”

Yoshihara has just released a new book on Population Decline and the Remaking of Great Power Politics. It exams the threat of population decline on the major nations of the world and is available on Amazon.


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