Every Child Has a Right to Be


Father and childEvery child has a right to be. Every child has a right to thrive and reach their full potential, whatever that may be. Adults in their world have a responsibility to make sure every opportunity is available to them to reach their potential. But this responsibility falls primarily with their mother and father.

It begins at the beginning, with good prenatal and post-natal care. Every child deserves good nutrition and clean air, decent housing and education. Every child deserves access to quality medical care that includes preventive measures such as immunization.

Every child deserves encouragement, and nurture and, ideally, a family with a loving mother and father to guide them. They have a right to be included, and experience love, friendship and kinship.

Every child has a right to know the feeling of warm summer sun, to experience the smell and fresh cut grass and flowers, to breathe in fresh, crisp autumn air and see trees turning colors, and the changing seasons. Every child has a right to life … a right to be, to experience, to know and to grow.

The father has a critical role to play in his child’s life. It begins with love and care in utero. The highest complement a man can give to his offspring is to love their mother.

If you are a man who is unexpectedly expecting a child, then support and help your baby’s mother to make the right choice. The right choice is never abortion.

Real men care for their children.

Rise to the call of fatherhood. If you are not willing or unable, then let an adoptive couple parent your child. A little life depends upon it. Support a decision for life and let your child live and thrive. Every child has a right to be.


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  • Guy McClung

    Newborn babies know their Mom’s voice because they have heard it already for many months-they recognize it immediately once they are “outside.” If they have heard their Daddy’s voice while in the womb, they will also immediately recognize this voice. I would encourage expectant Daddys to speak to their children before they are born – and the baby will know the love of two persons even before it ever sees the light of day. Guy McClung