Fox News Raises the Rainbow Flag


Rainbow Flag March

“Fox News joins the Pro-Homosexual Media Bandwagon” – so says Peter LaBarbera in a 40,000-word expose that flaunts over 220 footnotes. (Read the full report here: Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid).

While Sean Hannity chooses silence and John Stossel passive acceptance, rising star Megyn Kelly plays trans-gender advocate for Chaz Bono, then drops the “hate card” on the psychiatrist who disagrees.

Bernie Goldberg pushes “Jesus is just alright with” gay, then implies that the Biblical heroes David and Jonathan were homosexual as were Ruth and Naomi. Sean Hannity? – Still mum.

Bill O’Reilly bashes an ex-gay; Elizabeth Hasselbeck calls pope’s opposition to “gay marriage” – “inhumane.” Stossel? – Still indifferent.

Shep Smith graces the annual report of “Out” magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Homosexuals (he does have dreamy eyes), Fox News Channel fronts tens of thousands of dollars for a Gay and Lesbian Journalists group, and Chris Wallace probes Ron Paul’s homophobia. Stossel? He’s down with gay and thinks polygamy is just groovy.

Five out of five of “The Five” agree with the “evolved” Obama on same-sex marriage; Fox hires “out” lesbian, liberal Sally Kohn – and I think Hannity just blinked.

Do your eyes deceive you? This must be about MSNBC; Fox News is the conservative network, right?

The part that really kicked me in the pants was the Pew Research Study that confirmed that Fox News had a pro “gay marriage” bias and that even liberal NPR was more “Fair and Balanced” on the issue than was Fox.

“Conservatives of all stripes had high hopes for Fox News to offset the overwhelming liberal bias of the dominant “mainstream” media networks,” writes LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH;, a Chicago-based organization dedicated to exposing and opposing the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) activist movement.

If LaBarbera is anything, he is fair as he is thorough! His report asks some critical questions:

– Is Sean Hannity afraid of the “gay issue”?

– Is Shepard Smith the next Anderson Cooper?

– Is Megyn Kelly the new hero to the gay lobby?

– Will Glenn Beck join the new gay crusade?

– Where is John Stossel, the champion of liberty, on the biggest threat to religious liberty in American history?

– Why is Fox News subsidizing a “gay” journalists association?

– Why does Fox humanize one side of the debate while marginalizing and demonizing the other?

– Why is Fox so averse to having a “fair and balanced” debate, with a real “pro-family” conservative as a counterpoint?

“But Fox, mimicking current trends in the Republican Party with which it is often identified,” LaBarbera continues, “– has increasingly adopted a libertarian brand of ‘conservatism’ that eschews or downplays social issues, especially homosexuality, as too ‘divisive.’ Thus Fox News’ coverage – including conservative advocacy programs like the ‘Sean Hannity Show’– has in recent years tended to downplay homosexual-related issues,” added LaBarbera. “(This is at odds with Ronald Reagan, who advocated social conservatism as one of the three legs of the conservative stool – the others being fiscal responsibility and a strong defense and foreign policy.)”

When a “news” organization decides what stories they will share and which to shelve, they are committing censorship by omission. In contrast to MSNBC’S more overt “in the bag” gayhem, the majority of Fox hosts just pretend the issue doesn’t exist.

Even in the broil of the same-sex “marriage” debate, Hannity rarely raised the issue and when it did come up, he looked like he was auditioning for the role of Chief Inspector Dreyfus in a Pink Panther remake: *Eye-twitch – “Let not your hearts be troubled,” followed by a butt shift and an uncomfortable segue to safer subjects, like treason or Benghazi, then throw the Nerf football to Camera #2. “It’s a wrap!”

“As if becoming neutral (or shallow) on crucial Culture War issues wasn’t disappointing enough,” writes LaBarbera, “some leading Fox News’ hosts, such as Bill O’Reilly, Shepard Smith and Megyn Kelly, have emerged as on-air, pro-LGBT advocates – seemingly defying Fox’s core audience demographic of staunch Republican conservatives.”

Not only does Fox shy from the controversy, when the issue does come up, they stack the deck with a bevy of gay-pologists: Greg Gutfeld, Sally Kohn, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Liz Wiehl, for a time Margaret Hoover and Wayne Besen. All of these are pro gay with some even going as far as to castigate those with whom they disagree as hate-filled bigots.

When was the last time that you saw Peter LaBarbera or Matt Barber as a guest on the “fair and balanced” network? Even Tony Perkins is rarely invited since the whole flap with Megyn Kelly that produced the infamous remark from Ron Burgundy (Bill O’Reilly) about “bible thumpers.”

In fairness, the special report from America’s Survival does chronicle when Fox has been fair on the issue and gives credit to personalities like Gretchen Carlson, Todd Starnes and Mike Huckabee, who stand for traditional values, but how often are these exceptions ever on the air? How often are they on the air and speaking about this subject?

It seems that the Fox hierarchy has stowed the defenders of sexual purity in the closet while tossing the keys to sexual anarchy’s vanguard.

When was the last time that Fox News had an ex-gay on? Actually that may have been back in 2002 when Bill O’Reilly attacked Stephen Bennet for challenging his understanding of the Catholic position on homosexuality. Bennett, who overcame his “gay” lifestyle of 11 years (including over 100 homosexual partners), embraced Christianity, married his girlfriend Irene and became the father of two children, was called an “idiot” by O’Reilly on the radio show lead-up to the television interview (where O’Reilly toned it down to “religious fanatic”).

I’m pretty confident that anyone who actually believes that the Bible is God’s word would be considered a “religious fanatic,” coming from a guy who will shortly set us all straight about the real reason that Jesus was killed – “taxes!”

From Megyn Kelly’s rabid defense of all things lavender to Shep Smith’s comment on “Chick-fil-a” day being a “national day of intolerance”, Fox News seems to have taxied out on the good ship lollipop.


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  • RelapsedCatholic

    Ouch, when Fox News is leaving Homophobes behind, and you begin to lionize Vladimir Putin you might be on the wrong track.

    • AugustineThomas

      When you give up on God’s Church and join one of Satan’s legion anti-churches, YOU are on the wrong path.

      Ill pray for you.

      None of us are scared.. Christ told us the time would come when people would think they were tolerant and liberal by oppressing or murdering us for our beliefs.

      I’m just glad I’m not an unborn baby or you’d probably try to stick a pike through my heart and call it “women’s health”..

      • RelapsedCatholic

        When God’s church preaches hate from the pulpits, spends millions trying to deny people equal protections from a secular government, and causes young people to harm themselves it should reexamine its dogma. Clinging to un-scientific notions of normality and Bronze Age homophobia places you in the same caste as climate change deniers and racists.

        Save your prayers for me, focus them on the thousands of gay kids that at risk of suicide because their church tells them they are broken.

        • Jonathan

          LOL, you think Catholics have a monopoly on homosexual marriage. Even Buddhists do not believe homosexual/lesbian relations are normal. I disappointed in Stossel, as I though he wsa a libertarian. Therefore, any other marriage should be left to the states.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            As this is a Catholic website, and I am a cradle Catholic none of that concerns me anywhere near as much as how my church acts and treats my friends and family.

            And most libertarians I know would rather the state be out of the marriage business entirely rather than leaving it to the states.

          • Dude

            You are Catholic in name only, anyone who espouses these beliefs puts themselves outside the Church. I will pray for your immortal soul. I am ready to die for my Faith are you ready to die for sodomy.

          • RelapsedCatholic


            Heard it before.

          • goral

            Of course this is a yawn for you, until there is a gay parade, then you get goose bumps running up your leg
            like Chris Mathews gets from Obama.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            LOL, I’m not gay. All it takes to show love and affirmation is humanity and compassion.

          • George Cameron

            Maybe you should listen this time.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            Perhaps we should listen to the voices of LGBT Catholics and non-Catholics when they tell us how dehumanizing our church’s rhetoric is.

          • Mary Kochan

            What does “dehumanizing” mean?

          • RelapsedCatholic

            Places them into a separate category of sinfulness for characteristics beyond their control. Reducing the way they love another person down to a single sex act. Being more concerned with the contents of their trousers than the content of the their character or the depth of their love and commitment. Calling their civil rights from a secular government an act of satan.

            Saying that they are lesser in God’s eye and the eyes of the church.

          • Mary Kochan

            What does “dehumanizing” mean? I do not see a definition in your list above.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            Really? ……….

            You’re being purposefully disingenuous.

            Fine, dehumanizing is placing qualifications on a person’s humanity to make it easier to strip them of rights, dignity, and/ or life and property.

          • Mary Kochan

            I just like to deal with careful definitions. How are you defining humanity?

          • Tomas Tesla

            Like when homosexuals call the rest of us “breeders” or Muslims call others “infidels”. Is that right?

          • RelapsedCatholic

            Yes, but when have two wrongs ever made a right?

          • goral

            At the risk of being presumptuous, which has never stopped me, I would tell you that,yes! sods are ready to die for sodomy.
            If your sexual orientation defined everything that you are, then by logical progression you have to take a stand because not doing so would forfeit everything that you value.
            Just as we would die for our faith, (please God give us the strength), the double-gated crusaders also have their duty to sacrifice to their perverted god.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            Your language and derisory use of the term ‘sod’ reveals your character. They are less than human to you.

        • Berferd

          What hate? Get behind me Satan, you accursed liar.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            Ohhh, you went old times religion on me huh? Maybe next you’ll bust out the curse of Ham to justify repealing the 13th amendment.

          • Berferd

            You want to be anti-Christ, that’s your decision, free will is your’s to exercise. 13th amendment, you are comical. Be a homosexual, be a homophile, just don’t ask right-minded Christians to agree with your perversions. You may have been born a Catholic, but you never lived it or if you did, you’ve forsaken it…just admit it.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            I’ll stand with Christ on the side of the ragamuffins, prostitutes, and sinners that no one else loved or considered worthy of God’s love. I hope you’re comfortable with the Pharisees.

          • Berferd

            Go and sin no more…I could mention the log in your eye and the splinter in mine, but standing with the wretched doesn’t mean accepting their sins, but helping them turn from wickedness.

  • goral

    I guess it’s time to let our hearts be troubled as O’Reilly is just looking out for his own ratings. It’s media, they’re all ruled by the god of this world.

    The sods make advances by infiltrating. Too bad for Fox, they will soon have the motto – gay and balanced.

    • RelapsedCatholic

      Sods? Really? That is a new sad low.

      • Tomas Tesla

        Oh yeah. How politically incorrect to use the biblical word for “gay”.

        • RelapsedCatholic

          Actually sodomy refers to far more than gay. It would include oral or anal sex between men and women, and masterbation.

          Reducing anyone’s identity to a single act is itself an act of violence.

          • Tomas Tesla

            The use of the word “gay” is violence done to the English language. Gaîté (Fr. for gayety) was a nice and very well defined word now forever lost. Homosexuals chose to be defined by their sexual preference. A man or a woman don’t define themselves as heterosexuals unless there is a specific need to do that. Being simply men or women we define ourselves by what we are in a certain context: architect, Buddhist, Italian, Red Sox fan, etc. The natural reserve of human beings about things sexual prevents us from going around stating the obvious (who do we prefer to share sexual affection with). Many homosexuals make a big deal of their sexual preference, especially the militant. I don’t enjoy being called a “breeder” nor women being called “fish” but that is how many militant homosexuals refer to us in magazines, in their literature, cinema, common parlance, etc. So I will reserve the right to call a sodomite a sodomite, or a sod for short. BTW in cockney English that can be almost anyone. I do use language the way I want because I am a free person. Nobody made you the King of Grammar so bug off.

          • RelapsedCatholic

            If people make a big deal about their sexual identity it is usually because they have been forced to reclaim their identity from the negativity that society has heaped upon it. Much like the civil rights movement had to reclaim black identity from the majority society that had demeaned and derided it. While I would not like being called a breeder out of derision, it does not justify heaping more insults. In America sod would be a rather offensive word, if you are writing from the UK then yes the word is far more commonplace.

  • Cut your cable off. We did months ago, and haven’t missed it one bit.

    • info warrior

      I cut mine off in 2000.
      Refuse to pay for propaganda.

  • Jude

    You always lose when you fight with God….

    • Struble

      Amen. Apostasy may seem “settled” to you, Sandy, and to Obama and SCOTUS, but there are lots of us who will lay down our lives rather than give up.

  • AugustineThomas

    Good.. Who wants to watch their brain destroying nonsense anyway.
    Go a read a book, don’t listen to any idiot on TV.. At church they have much wiser men and women anyway.

  • info warrior


    Thanks, I needed a laugh.

  • Sandy Sanderson

    The issue here is not about “caving to the homosexual agenda.” The people at Fox News, like most people in this country, realize that you cannot tell people that they are not allowed to have families. You cannot tell people that they are not allowed to adopt or raise children. You can’t tell people what to do in bed, or who to love, or how to live their lives. You can disagree with it, but you have no control over it.

    This issue is settled. The sitting president endorsed gay marriage and was reelected. The Supreme Court recognized states’ rights to legalize it. Gay marriage is no more a threat to religious liberty than religion is a threat to gay people. The two can coexist. It’s called tolerance.

    • ELC

      Of course it’s not caving, to those who have already caved.

    • George Cameron

      Gay marriage IS a threat to religious liberty. The problem becomes a legal one, because now, if a religious organization, or a person with a particular religious belief, refuses to participate in a gay marriage, (like a bakery did), they can be sued for discrimination. Also, if one speaks out against this lifestyle, even from the pulpit, one could be charged with “hate speech”. A preacher was arrested in Canada for preaching what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. It’ll be here next.
      Also, the statement that “this issue is settled”, is incorrect. Just because the president and the supreme court are in favor of this doesn’t “settle” the issue, no more than the abortion issue is settled. Was the slavery issue or women’s lack of voting rights “settled” when our government was OK with it?
      Another thing that puzzles me, is why is the Catholic church or devout Christians the ones always being attacked for their beliefs about homosexuality? Why don’t people go after the some of the Middle Eastern faiths, like Islam, who believe that gays should be killed?

      • Sandy Sanderson

        I can’t believe that the most prominent argument against gay marriage has been reduced to “Gay people should be denied legal rights to a family, one of our most basic and important cultural institutions, because otherwise I won’t be able to discriminate against them and deny them service.” Wow. Talk about a rock solid argument. Good luck in court.

      • RelapsedCatholic

        Does that baker turn away people that are divorced? how about those living together outside of marriage? Does it not bake cakes for marrried people without children? If not then they are not practicing their faith, they are making a discriminatory political statement by deciding whom they will bake for and who they will not. Would you be OK if a bakery decided not to bake a cake for an interracial marriage or a muslim one?

    • rickbachelor

      Immorality and sin cannot be legalized. Mental illness cannot be legalized. Just because a behavior (homosexuality) is removed from a list of mental illness (DSM) does not mean it is normal or acceptable.

  • onearmsteve

    Don’t forget about the traditional catholic Judge Nap

  • rsf3612

    I stopped trusting Fox News a LONG time ago. Frankly, if either CNN or Fox tells me the sky is blue, I’ll look out my window to verify.

    • Tomas Tesla

      I haven’t had TV since 2007 it was the natural consequence of not reading newspapers (I quit reading The Boston Globe in 1985 and soon I quit reading all of them.) I read good books and some selected Internet sites where I can inform myself of what is being published. I only watch movies in DVD format once I decide to buy them–I don’t rent something for the sake of watching something but only when I am sure that is a work of art that I don’t mind owning and contemplating often. Do as I do for a while: your prayer life will grow and you will develop a stronger and leaner intellect.

  • Tomas Tesla

    Many Conservative organizations are rife with homosexuals as certain well known institute. This is no surprise. The Church is not exempt from the plague either as we have already painfully learned. It is global Sodom, the dream of Liberals since long ago: to have the whole planet defying God. To see what happens next: read Psalm 2.