Marching for Life: Defending Life from its Beginning to Natural End


march-for-lifeEvery year on January 22nd, the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, hundreds of thousands of brave marchers from all walks of life participate in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. While the March for Life focuses on the grave nature of abortion, it provides the perfect sounding board to voice the sacredness of life from its beginning to natural end.

This anniversary reminds us that the ungodly act of violence against innocent unborn children is an act of violence affecting all of humanity. Any indifference toward the dignity of human life — whether that life is indigent, disabled, elderly, or pre-born — affects us all. We are vulnerable without exception!

Such indifference, creates a hostile environment in which all of us live. Virtually every person — even those who do not believe in or support the anti-life agenda are not “safe” from the consequences of the Culture of Death. Simply consider the massive level of violence against humanity reported in the daily headlines as proof.

Though the crime of abortion takes center stage during the annual March for Life, we must take advantage of the moment to also expose the broader anti-life agenda so prevalent in our culture. We cannot ignore what the legalization of abortion has created and supported: the rejection of human dignity and the absence of love for neighbor. Therefore, we should seize the moment to elevate the conversation, emphasizing the dignity of human life in its totality.

Furthermore, if we want to stop the escalating violence in our culture and obtain true peace among peoples and nations, we must proclaim, defend, respect, and love Life, which originates from God, the Author of all Life. Every life is precious! If we do not recognize the dignity of every life, then no life is precious! This is why we speak and march for every person who lives today, for every person who will be born tomorrow, and every person who was destroyed through an act of violence.

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, while we voice our opposition to the violent crime of abortion, we also are convicted and determined to stand firm against all violent acts that wage war against a Culture of Life!

Reprinted with permission from Human Life International.


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