Murder’s Enduring Stigma


8-week_fetus unborn_baby abortionColorado is no stranger to the scene of bone-chilling events. These include the mysterious JonBenet Ramsey murder and the Columbine massacre. Most recently we find something equally monstrous—Dynel Lane’s attack on Michelle Wilkins, resulting in the death of Wilkins’ preborn baby.

Summarizing this case, writer Matt Walsh states:

A couple of weeks ago, a pregnant woman named Michelle Wilkins went to a home in Boulder, Colorado, looking to buy some baby clothes. The predator there, Dynel Lane, had placed an ad on Craigslist with the intent not of selling anything, but of stealing someone’s unborn child.

Lane accosted Mrs. Wilkins when she arrived at the house, cutting her uterus open with a knife, removing her baby and leaving her to bleed to death. Fortunately, the mother survived the attack, but sadly, her young daughter did not. Lane stowed the infant in an upstairs bathroom, where the little girl died alone in a cold bathtub.

Imagine the fear that beautiful child must have felt. Imagine the agony. Imagine the cruelty and selfishness of her slaughter. Imagine her light extinguished by the brutality and darkness of a cold, calculating killer.

Tragically, the cruel death of this baby girl will not be recorded in the state’s criminal records as a murder. You see, she was a preborn child and has no legal status in Colorado, for that state does not recognize the fact that a preborn child is a human being. This absence of protection under law mirrors the same absence in the federal government.

According to the Boulder County district attorney, “Under Colorado law, there’s no way murder charges can be brought if it is not established that the fetus lived as a child outside the body of the mother for some period of time. I don’t know the answer yet as to whether that could be established—what our facts are here. One of the issues that we will need to evaluate in connection with that is the medical information from the autopsy.”

An interesting aside is that this same district attorney, Stan Garnett, has received support in the past from pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood! Wow!

It is a wicked web that organization weaves within the culture of death cadre of characters, is it not?

Dynel Lane’s violent act and her criminal intentions should make us all shudder. We know her vicious slaying of the preborn baby is no different than the decriminalized performance of an abortion—a heinous act of murder not only protected by law but enshrined as a “right” by those who believe that aborting a child is really nothing more than solving a problem or exercising a basic “freedom.”

After 40 years of legally sanctioned slaughter in America, perhaps someone should monitor the effects that all this murder has on people’s mentality. Dynel might have thought nothing of her selfish act considering the truth that we live in a culture where babies are legally torn apart hourly, 24/7.

Sad, isn’t it?

And ironically, just days after this horrific case made headlines, the Washington Post reported that abortion facilities are doing what they can to appear more appealing to the public. The idea is to emulate high-end salons and present the abortion-minded woman with a softer, “spa-like” appearance. There is also an effort to take abortion to front doors where women go door-to-door in “conservative neighborhoods” talking about their abortion experiences. This exercise, we are told, presents the pride such women have in the act of aborting their children.

While the proponents of abortion claim these efforts are meant to “destigmatize” the act of abortion, the truth is there is nothing that any pro-abort can do to change the fact that abortion kills a human being.

And so today, as the most fundamental Christian beliefs are under siege, we find that unbelievably brutal acts are being mainstreamed while those in positions of influence—like Catholic bishops, pastors, and rabbis—look on.

It makes one wonder if murder’s enduring stigma will ultimately give way to unqualified public acceptance of that which we know is the epitome of evil.


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