New Year Plenary Indulgence Prayer, Veni Creator Spiritus: Latin-English


There is a plenary indulgence (under the usual conditions, i.e., Confession, Communion, and prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father) for singing or reciting the Veni Creator Spiritus on January 1st. 


Veni Creátor Spíritus,            Come, Holy Spirit, Creator come,
Mentes tuórum vísita,           From Thy bright heavenly throne!
Imple supérna grátia             Come, take possession of our souls,
Quae tu creásti péctora.        And make them all Thine own!

Qui Paráclitus díceris,            Thou who art called the Paraclete,
Donum Dei altíssimi,             Best Gift of God above,
Fons vivus, ignis, cáritas,      The Living Spring, the Living Fire,
Et spiritális únctio.                Sweet Unction, and True Love!

Tu septifórmis múnere,       Thou who art seven-fold in Thy grace,
Dextrae Dei tu dígitus,         Finger of God’s right Hand,
Tu rite promíssum Patris,     His promise, teaching little ones
Sermóne ditans gúttura.      To speak and understand!

Accénde lumen sénsibus          O guide our minds with Thy blest light,
Infúnde amórem córdibus,     With love our hearts inflame,
Infírma nostri córporis            And with Thy strength which ne’er decays
Virtúte firmans pérpeti.           Confirm our mortal frame.

Hostem repéllas lóngius          Far from us drive our hellish foe,
Pacémque dones prótinus:     True peace unto us bring,
Ductóre sic te praévio              And through all perils guide us safe
Vitémus omne nóxium.           Beneath Thy sacred wing.

Per te sciámus da Patrem,      Through Thee may we the Father know,
Noscámus atque Fílium,         Through Thee the Eternal Son,
Te utriúsque Spíritum              And Thee the Spirit of them Both
Credámus omni témpore.       Thrice-blessed Three in One.

Glória Patri Dómino,                Now to the Father and the Son,
Natóque, qui a mórtuis           Who rose from death, be glory given,
Surréxit, ac Paráclito,             with Thou, O Holy Comforter,
In saeculórum saécula.            henceforth by all in earth and heaven.
Amen.                                         Amen.



Latin text courtesy of the Antiphonale Monasticum (Desclee & Co, Tournai, 1934), 518-519.

English text courtesy of Latin Appreciation Workshop.  Last stanza from The Charcoal Fire.


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  • Jan. 2nd: I love this beautiful prayer. I did not now about the Indulgence though so I was happy to see this. Does anyone know how many days before or after praying for an Indulgence one must go to Confession? Some say 10 days, others 20 days and some say it doesn’t matter as long as you pray for the Holy Father and strive to avoid sin…thanks, Sam