Obama’s Planned Parenthood Love Fest


obamapp“I love you!” shouted one of the rapturous faithful at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington.

“I love you back,” responded the proud recipient, President Barack Obama.

The uncontrollable adulation, the outpouring of genuine love, he said, was making him blush. Obama regretted to the ladies that he had missed their “party” the night before. They howled when he said, “I understand it was a little wild.”

The entire occasion was a little wild, actually — in fact, it was historic. For the first time ever, a sitting American president addressed Planned Parenthood, far and away America’s preeminent abortion champion. And no president is more deserving of the honor than Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama began this love fest of a presidential address with an opening rich in mendacity and classic liberal double-speak: “Cecile, thank you for the warm introduction, and thank you for the outstanding leadership that you’ve shown over the years. You just do a great, great job. (Applause.) I want to thank all of you for the remarkable work that you’re doing day in, day out in providing quality health care to women all across America. You are somebody that women — young women, old women, women in between — count on for so many important services. And we are truly grateful to you.”

“Cecile” is Cecile Richards, dedicated director of the abortion juggernaut, to whom and which Obama is so truly grateful. She does a “great, great job,” says Obama. So does Planned Parenthood and all its supporters, adds the president of the United States. Indeed, he came to thank them for the “remarkable work” they’ve done over the years.

Their work is remarkable all right. One can truly say that no other organization does what Planned Parenthood does: the legal shredding and annihilation of countless millions of unborn human beings. But with typical abortion-industry/liberal-progressive mendacity, Obama never once used the a-word in the entire speech. No, Planned Parenthood’s prime money-maker, abortion, was jettisoned completely by the 44th president, cast aside for more benign terms: “health care,” “quality health care,” “affordable health care,” “women’s health,” “health care reform,” “important services,” “decisions about … health,” “decisions best made between a woman and her doctor,” “contraceptive care,” “right to choose,” “woman’s constitutional right to privacy,” and on and on.

Amid this orgy of presidential deception, the word “health” was incorporated 27 times. That’s 27 times more than the word abortion was used.

Obama hailed the “extraordinary doctors and nurses” and “advocates and staff” who “work tirelessly to keep the doors at health centers all across the country going.” This man of great compassion spoke stoically of “the millions of mothers and daughters and wives and sisters, friends and neighbors who walk through those doors every year.” Obama marveled at their heroism in the face of the grand “assault on women’s rights” by “conservatives” “all across the country.” Doctor Obama urged the “health care” professionals: “But when it comes to your patients, you never let them down — no matter what.”

Obama moistened the eyes of the faithful with a touching story of a woman from Chicago who he contends embodies Planned Parenthood’s mission to the world: “In college, she turned to Planned Parenthood for access to affordable contraceptive care to keep her healthy. You didn’t just help her plan for a family; you made sure she could start one. And today, she’s got two beautiful kids. That’s what Planned Parenthood is about.”

Well, sure, in a way, Planned Parenthood is indeed about the kids. Countless women who walk into Planned Parenthood clinics indeed do it for the kids.

It reminds me of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic nearest to me, which has windows with colorful drawings and balloons, the look of a cheerful daycare center. The difference, however, is that mom and child walk in, but the child never returns. That’s really what Planned Parenthood “is about.”

Everyone knows it. Barack Obama knows it.

To that end, Obama promised he will always be there with Planned Parenthood “every step of the way.” I’m sure he will. He was with them in the Illinois state senate, when he refused to support legislation providing mandatory health care coverage for children that survive abortions. This master of mandatory universal care has found just one exception to his rule: the unborn. No health care for them. They are the only ones excluded from Obama’s universality.

Our president finished his speech tearfully: “Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.”

God bless Planned Parenthood. So says the sitting president of the United States.

No doubt, the mainstream media enjoyed the love festival, giving it far more press than the Gosnell trial, where, incidentally, abortionist Kermit Gosnell agrees completely with Obama in not providing emergency health care coverage to babies that survive abortions. Ironically, Gosnell thereby defines “health care” just as Obama does.

Among Obama’s media sycophants, the AP, in yet another of the innumerable disgusting displays of “pro-choice” bias it has shown over the years, delivered this perfectly Orwellian summary of Obama’s Planned Parenthood appearance: “The president lauded Planned Parenthood’s nearly 100 years of providing cancer screenings, contraception and other health services for women.”

No mention of not only abortion but of Margaret Sanger’s initial passion for Planned Parenthood when she started it nearly 100 years ago: racial eugenics. Sanger likewise talked in deceptive terms of “health.” She wanted to foster “racial health,” as she called it. She wanted to rid the landscape of “human weeds” and “imbeciles” and “morons” and “idiots” — what she called the “feeble-minded” and “the dead weight of human waste.” She lamented America’s “race of degenerates.” The Planned Parenthood founder, committed as she was to her organization’s unique form of health care reform, created a “Negro Project.”

The KKK, naturally, developed its own love fest for Planned Parenthood. The boys in the white hoods adored Sanger’s work. So much so that KKK leaders invited the progressive heroine to one of their celebrations, which Sanger unhesitatingly accepted. She proudly addressed her hooded brothers at a rally in Silver Lake, New Jersey in 1926.

Years later, Sanger’s sisters at Planned Parenthood began an annual Sanger Award in her honor. The first recipient, amazingly, was Martin Luther King Jr. (no, I’m not kidding, look it up). A recent recipient of the award was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who, in happily accepting, blushed that she stood “in awe of” the pioneering racial eugenicist.

Of course, Sanger’s deepest legacy has been in black neighborhoods, where Planned Parenthood clinics have delivered not “beautiful kids” but horribly mutilated ones.

Speaking of which, as Obama spoke, Kermit Gosnell was on trial for years of precisely such deadly work in a black neighborhood in Philadelphia. Gosnell was in trouble not for shredding babies in the womb — that’s legal, of course — but killing them outside the womb. For liberals, severing a baby’s neck outside the womb is unacceptable, but to rip an unborn child apart limb by limb and piece by piece inside a womb a few seconds earlier… well, that’s fully acceptable.

That’s what Gosnell was doing, and in particular to black American children. He was a killing machine.

In truth, however, the doctor’s death toll can’t hold a candle to the slaughter orchestrated by Planned Parenthood’s “extraordinary doctors and nurses” and “advocates and staff” over the last 100 years. Their work is truly extraordinary. Just ask our president. “God bless” them, he says.


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  • goral

    We have witnessed “orgies of presidential deception” at all gatherings in honor of this demagogue. He truly is the physical and spiritual likeness of the devil in the Bible series.
    The sycophants who give this detestable tearjerker power are not only in the media and liberal enclaves, they’re in our churches and even websites like this one.