Pelosi Blasts Catholics on Abortion: They ‘Have This Conscience Thing’


Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blasted Catholics for fighting for the right not to perform or fund abortions, describing their abhorrence for supporting abortions as “this conscience thing,” in remarks to the Washington Post.

Last month, during a debate in the House over a bill to stop abortion funding in the health care bill and to strengthen conscience rights on abortion, Pelosi had described the bill as “savage,” claiming that it would allow doctors to let women “die on the floor” because they could refuse to perform an abortion.

In her remarks to the Post, Pelosi, who says she is Catholic, defended her statements against the Protect Life Act. While some “may not like the language,’’ she said, “the truth is what I said.”

“They would” let women die on the floor, she said. “They would! Again, whatever their intention is, this is the effect.’’

“I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it … but they have this conscience thing [about abortion],” added Pelosi.

Conservatives have been fighting to correct the health care overhaul’s propensity towards forcing taxpayers to fund abortion and contraception, an aspect of the legislation that has become increasingly clear since its passage in March of last year.

In particular, U.S. bishops and other pro-life leaders are vigorously opposing a new rule from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services this summer that would force all employers to cover birth control, including abortifacient drugs, as “preventive care.” The only conscientious exemption in the rule is granted to religious employers who both employ and serve only members of their own sect, leaving out virtually all religious ministries.

The narrow exemption has been strongly supported by pro-abortion groups, such as National Partnership for Women & Families, who urged supporters to tell HHS Secretary Sebelius to “stand strong against anti-choice extremists” supporting a broader exemption.

At a speech in Norfolk on Saturday, Sebelius, a Catholic who as Kansas governor was a strong abortion supporter, concurred that health care reform must resist opponents of “women’s health care” as a matter of principle.

“Being a woman right now is a pre-existing condition,” she said. “That will never be the case in America again.”


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  • Mary Anne Moresco

    The Church really needs to publicly excommunicate this woman for the public scandal she has caused and continues to cause in the Church.

    • florin

      I just cannot understand why this woman is still considered a Catholic in good standing and therefore permitted to receive the Eucharist. I mean, what are the Bishops waiting for before they tell Pelosi not to present herself for Holy Communion? If aggressively promoting the slaughter of unborn humans is not enough to be considered ‘NOT’ a Catholic in good standing then what does it take? If a ‘Catholic’ politician were to aggressively promote pedophila, would that ‘Catholic’ be considered to be in good standing and permitted to receive the Eucharist. Pelosi says “They” have this conscience thing, “They” would let women die on the floor – “They” being Catholics…because Bishops do not stop ‘Catholics’ like Pelosi and Biden and Daschle, Dodd, Kennedy, Kerry, et al from receiving the Eucharist, the termination of human lives, far more numerous than during all wars combined, goes on…if the Bishops would have the courage to say: “Enough! You have gone too far in your aggressive support and advancement of killing. Therefore you are NOT a Catholic in good standing and must not receive the Eucharist.”…this would be the catalyst for this ‘Catholics’ to stop and consider what they are doing and could perhaps opt for conversion of heart, mind and soul…because the Bishops allow these anti-life ‘Catholics’ to receive Communion, they are saying to them: “No big deal. We know you are advancing worldwide the slaughter of human babies but not to worry. You are still a Catholic in good standing so go ahead and get on line and receive Christ’s Body and Blood…” Such cowardice! No one wants to ‘punish’ these people…what is wanted and needed is to give these ‘Catholic’ politicians a chance to see the absolute evil of what they are doing and open them to conversion of heart. And to STOP THE KILLING of human babies in the womb!!! Enough!!!

  • Tarheel

    Dear Madam Pelosi,
    I am glad I have this “conscience thing”. It is one thing that keeps me sane. It is the one part of me that good Christian teaching throughout my life that has enabled me to understand better my faith and to do my best at following what Christ taught us. “Love one another.”

    Madam Pelosi I will pray for you and will add you to my list of people to pray a Rosary for. I will add you in right behind all the poor children that died at the hands of an abortionist.

    If you can read this then life began at conception.


  • Kathleen Woodman

    Her comments come across as patronizing and imperious. The “conscience thing” is the central hinge keeping our civilization from totally disintegrating.

  • George @ Convert Journal

    It’s a slip. Instead of “We, We, our, we” she said:

    “They would… They would!… their intention… they have this conscience thing.”

    At least this much is honest.

  • Mary Kochan

    I thought that too, George. She is talking about Catholics as though she is not one. And on that score she is correct.

  • florin

    I agree…she is talking about Catholics as though she is not one – and therefore, she should not be receiving the Eucharist.

  • goral

    We’ll see excommunication of insolent Catholics when we re-institute censorship. It’s not going to happen soon, the bishops have no stomach for it.
    The Pelosi types are also very vindictive and could stir up damaging situations for a bishop who puts his foot down.

  • Nancy Pelosi’s Archbishop is George H. Niederauer of San Francisco. Let’s all pray for him. He’s got to be troubled by this.