Poem: “Somewhere”



Somewhere there is Shangri-la
Where men and women never age,
Bird song is an opera
And every infant is a sage

Drowsy weather always spring,
Beneath the willow rivulets
Gently flowing trill and sing
To fishes at the minuet

In Shangri-la there is no greed,
Rational it is to share
The harvest and there is no need
To gather more, it is unfair

Far away but never here
Across the mountains bleak and high
Within a cleft whose walls are sheer,
Where harmony will never die

But here there is another life
War and famine, greed and theft,
Hunger draws a sharpened knife
Across the throat – there’s nothing left

What’s the problem, why can’t we
Get from here to there, what might
Stops the coming jamboree
Of harmony and appetite?

Listen Man, the cleft is close
As far as from the head to heart,
The place you seek was never lost
It is the seeker who departs


May 29, 2011


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