Poem: “A Jubilee Year!”


A Jubilee Year!

You asked:

Is Jubilee Duggar’s funeral creepy?

Perhaps it’s creepy depending on
whether or not it’s your fetus.

Is holding the hand of your child creepy?

The fact that Jubilee had passed on
from Time into Eternity, means she’s a Saint.

Is holding the hand of a Saint creepy?


In a time when doctors tear
a “little one” to bits,

In an age that chemically
burns preborn people,

In a culture that delivers a
brain before it’s body,

I’m not surprised you ask if
Jubilee’s funeral is creepy.

We live in a deeply creepy time, when
Pejoratives and euphemisms reconstruct reality.

Terri Schivo was not a “vegetable”
Trig Palin is not a “retard” and
Jubilee Duggar was not a “fetus”

May the silk of her touch soothe
Her mother’s heart through time into eternity.

May the priceless gift of
Her photographed feet trample bigotry.

May her perfect life be the instrument of grace
That awakens hardened hearts.

Within Jubilee’s hands lies eternity.
Grasp her palm with your finger…
For she is in His palm and will lead you home.

She sets before you life and death.
Choose life so that you might live.

Stacy Peterson


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  • George @ Convert Journal

    Thank you Stacy, that is beautiful.

  • goral

    This poem is profoundly piercing.
    I sat down to read it with my hot chili
    and beer and it is every bit as serious
    and non-soothing as that.

    Yes, it’s all as creepy as was the Baptist’s
    head on a platter.
    Our Lord will reconstitute all and make things
    look right again.

    There is a “Woe unto you…” meant for the real creeps.

  • Mary Kochan

    All the Saints are powerful and maybe the ones martyred before birth are the most powerful of all.