Poem: “A Seed of Hope”


A Seed of Hope

Father, my God, my Creator,
I wander in darkness.
There is no light in my life.
There is no hope in my body.

Grant me God, Your brilliance,
Drive away this darkness in my life.
I hold before You a blackness which
Only Your light can penetrate.

I hold up to You, a cloak of gloom,
Which lays heavy upon me.
I implore you, Oh Lord, to tear it asunder.

You have promised me, Oh God,
Deliverance from evil.
Deliver me, Oh Lord, from the clutches of despair.

Grant me, Oh God, a seed of Hope,
Plant it deep within me.
Water it daily with Your grace and
nourish it with Faith.

I depend on You, My God, My King,
To rescue me from this enemy.
I place my trust in You, Oh Lord,
as a child does, with a mother.

I ask Oh God, to feel again
The warmth of Your love within me.
I ask Oh God, to know again,
The pleasure of your joy.
I ask Oh God, because You told me to,
And I ask in the name of Jesus.

Nothing will you deny me,
If I ask in His Name,
I ask, and I ask, and I will ask again.
Until my life is changed.

L. Lapiz


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