Poem: “A Splendor”


A Splendor
For RS

Lou is 98
He sits beside a table with a top that shines and reflects

As you were standing there, he says, I saw a figure Tall, and in a robe, and
with a hood

But it was you, he laughs, in your reflection on the table top Only you and
no other

On the oratory seat he slumps as usual and sleeps Waking for the Blessed

He has missed the lessons, the sermon and the consecration No matter

For at the age of 98, he stands upon the border And the barrier is lowered

Each time he wants to step across, the frontier guards will say:
Enter, you are free to enter

And there he stands, between sleeping and waking While he decides

Once a friend saw Death, a tall dark figure in a robe and hood And the Pope
walking towards the Tiber

He walked towards the river on the morning of the visit With his tall

The tall companion, silent, for no words are needed Only a guide

This world of ours the true reflection of the other Dimmer, less resolved

We are the images, and the figure in the hood, the robe Removes the hood,
and the robe

For he is welcome there, a resident, a splendor To be seen and recognized

September 15, 2011


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