Poem: “…But Sure as Shootin’ He Reined Me Up!”


…But Sure as Shootin’ He Reined Me Up!

I am of the Lord for He has called me
I am of the Lord for He sought me out
I am of the Lord for I heard Him calling
I am of the Lord for I turned to listen

There is naught within me that is of worth
There is not much of me greater than my birth
There is no accumulation of wealth or praise
Only His caring has saved me from the grave

For my death was sure, I had planned it all
By the life I was leading, I was having a ball
I had no cares for the life to come
All I wanted was to have some fun

But sure as shootin’ He reined me up
He said Come, I offer you a new cup
Drink of this; it is My blood
Drink in Me and live as you should

I hesitated a little and then took a sip
It was sweeter and purer than all I had known
It was as if in an instant I had grown
This was more than I had ever known
And in that moment a seed was sown

There I was, a sinner and all
And He took the time to give me a call
And more than that, of this I’m sure
He made sure I listened and made me pure

And instant is all it took that I know
My whole world changed as soon as He came
He came to me, He came to me
It’s hard to believe, but He came to me.

I didn’t know how much I drank
I only know I needed more
The sweetness, the good I had never known
There it was in the cup I now owned

My life has changed from that day
Slowly and surely I changed, I changed,
But His hand was always there,
Guiding and leading each step of the way.

Glory to Him, my God and my Savior
Who stooped to care for me, a stranger.
Stranger I was, for I had chosen to be,
Friend He is, for He rescued me.

L. Lapiz


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