Poem: “Christmas Gold”



If I had a big house,
As a rule-of-thumb,
At Christmas I’d have loved-ones
And others, if they’d come.

If I had a big, house,
A cupboard, warm and round,
Would feed my Christmas guests
The staff of life, here, found.

If I had a big, house,
All men I would let in,
At Christmas shed their burdens,
Learn losses can be wins.

If I had a big, house,
All Christmas, linens, laced,
And men who came to visit
Would yield a certain grace.

But, I don’t need a big house,
I’m in the biggest home,
Where hindered senses are enhanced
By way of Christmas-Rome.

For Christmas-Rome’s eternal,
Shall not be bought or sold,
And yule-logs in perpetuum
Glow red fore Christmas-gold!!

Hilary Flanery


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