Poem: “Construction Sunday–Fourth Sunday in Advent”


Construction Sunday–Fourth Sunday in Advent

The waiting and watching are soon to stop.
God calls us to get busy building this Sunday
A dwelling for His son. An ark in a tent
Is too temporary, unfit unwelcome
For Him who will reign over
The House of Jacob. Forever requires
More than polished cedar or golden lintels.
His throne will be the womb of a virgin mother.
Heaven’s groom comes as a babe in a cold manger
The wood saved for oxen yokes and crucifixtions.
The king of endless glory will reside
In Bethelhem, the house of bread.
Under your roof receive Him
This child of starving flesh and pure light.
You are the building materials He needs
For eternity to enter time
This last liturgy of Advent,
This poem where you hold Him with your eyes.

Philip C. Kolin
19 December 2011


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