Poem: “Dawn in Gentle Breathing”


Dawn in Gentle Breathing

How lovely are the rooftops of the city
While turning sleepers rest beneath the sky,
Dreams that rise to scattered night clouds journey,
Fragments of the grasped eternal fly

Endless trains and ships of sail and motor,
Pilots of the wings of morning steer,
Those on foot contend with heavy weather,
Others like the doves can feel no fear

How lovely are the moonlight and the street light
Before the songs of morning start to sing,
The silence of immensity is bright
Above the canvas of Our Lord the King

Sleepers rise, awake, the tomb is hollow,
Come and see the One who is arisen,
That which in their dreams the dreamers follow
Has broken free from every stone and prison

Silence now, the sky of April brightens,
The second dream’s immensity begins,
And now the north of east begins to lighten
And dawn in gentle breathing brings the winds

April 24, 2011


About Author

  • The words in this poem are truly beautiful! I only hope to come to the level where I can write beautiful poetry like this!