Poem: “Disrespectful Flesh”


Disrespectful Flesh

As I walked along the river
In the spate of rushing spring,
I gave it voice and heard it lecture:
You must die by summoning

Man, remember you must die
As I must hurry down to rest,
The burning of the sun must dry
My curvedness, so it confessed

You and I must lose our forms
We must appear on judgment day,
I will be a sea of storms
In which you drown or walk away

That I must die I always knew
I’m old and ready to be broken,
A summons there might be for you
But as for me you are mistaken

I am too minor to be fetched
And you will vanish in an ocean,
Begone you disrespectful flesh
The river rushed, resumed its motion

May 4, 2011


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