Poem: “Final Vows”


Final Vows

If in this hour we are not one,
All is not right with my soul.
For we have chosen to wed this moment.
You and I ….each a part of this moment.

We are joined O lord for you have beckoned me.
We are joined O Lord because I came willingly.
Even could I resist you we would be joined,
For none can refuse you and live.

It is thy will, which must be done.
It is thy word, which must be said.
It is thy life, which must be told.
It is thy will that this be done.

In this hour, in this moment, we are joined for this purpose.
To reveal you to all who do not know you.
To bring you to those who have not heard.
To teach you to those who need you
And to remind those who have forgotten.

It is a task we take up willingly.
It is a task we embrace with all our soul.
It is a task to shed ones’ life for.
It is the task I have chosen.

Praise God

L. Lapiz


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