Poem: “Godzilla’s Parents”


Godzilla’s Parents

It was a lizard’s DNA
Invigorated by an A-
Bomb test and grown a size so huge
There could be from it no refuge

A beast emerging from the sea
Supercharged at Bikini,
An accident without designer,
No thanks to Teller, Oppenheimer

I saw it on a movie screen,
The biggest lizard ever seen
Whose breathing burned entire nations
With ionizing radiations

A precognition, now it seems,
The sort that comes in waking dreams,
For when you strip the lizard scales
Away and other rough details

You see another form, not great,
No lizard-fiend insatiate,
But something more like one of us
Plastered with a lizard crust

Underneath a commonplace
Entirely familiar face,
No warty monster breathing fire –
You and me, our dams and sires

Godzilla stumbles out from land,
The fraud is more than he can stand:
“Another place to bake my bread
But not among these muttonheads”

March 16, 2011


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