Poem: “Gold Dust Tonic”


Gold Dust Tonic

I think I should feel happy,
Because I finally got my way.
I can worship my Golden Calf
Every night and day.

But when I go to milk her
On a morning, oh so bright,
She somehow turns her head my way,
Knowing something’s just not right.

For she’s fit for only one thing,
Now that my pity-party’s done.
I must melt her down to dust
Come the evening sun.

Then my true contrition
For loving my-own-way will show
The ones who watch me up above,
And also those below,

That I can sacrifice for Him,
The only thing I own.
My will, I release to Them.
It’s my way to atone.

I sprinkle Golden Calf dust,
Upon the Living Water,
And sip, then gulp the tonic,
While worshiping my Father!

Stacy Peterson
October 8, 2012


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  • goral

    Your rhyming poetry is light and quick
    and full of words I know too well
    Your “other” style draws and dwells
    and on the psyche casts a spell

    late October