Poem: “He who Seeks Me will Find Me”


He who Seeks Me will Find Me

Hear this day My answer O child,
The answer you have sought from Me.
Know that it is the Lord Who speaks,
He Who knows your every need.

I am faithful to my servants,
I am truth everlasting,
I am life eternal,
I am Lord of all.

He who seeks Me will find Me,
He who listens will hear,
He who keeps watch will see Me,
He who follows Me will lead.

Know that I love you,
Know that I love you,
Know that I have need of you,
Know you will be used.

Care not for the time or the hour.
Tis better you do not know.
Care not for the work I send you.
You will do it for me.

Do not anticipate My need of you.
Do not rush forth without Me.
Do not dally when I send you.
Do not hold back when called.

These are My words to you O child.
These you must keep in your heart.
I reign,
I rule,
You follow.

L. Lapiz


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