Poem: “I have Found my Friend again, and I know all is Well”


I have Found my Friend again, and I know all is Well

It has been some time since we have talked,
Longer than it should ever be,
But You are the Master, and I am the slave,
And that’s how it always must be.

Is it Your will I am away so long?
Is it part of my learning?
I know it is not what I want,
But did I cause it to be?

I have longed to hear you
Deep within me.
I have longed to see Your words.
But I did not press, for that is wrong,
But I did not want it to cease.

And here I am at it again,
Following Your gentle urging.
O my God, I love You so,
Sinner though I be.

Praise You, Lord, again and again,
A joy within me wells.
I have found my Friend again,
And I know all is well.

Take this hand and guide it fast.
Let it zip across the page;
Let the words flow, loving Lord,
Words of love and praise.

My heart sings within me now
As a feeling of love flows forth,
Lonely I have been, my Lord,
Alone in the midst of plenty.

Funny how it can be that way,
Alone in the middle of many.
I pray for those who feel alone,
The one in the midst of many.

There is so much I want to say to You,
All the words You hold . . .
Release them upon me, Lord.
Let Your glory flow.

I am content and happy now;
You have made my day complete.
Writing letters for a Friend
Is the happiest I’ve been.

I’ve talked so much of how I feel;
Let me sing Your praises,
For that is when I’m happiest of all—
When Your words form lovely phrases.

O God of Glory, God of Love,
Keep me always close.
Do not leave me far from you;
I am no good alone.

Wondrous Lord, Loving Lord,
Let me sing to thee,
All the praises You want to hear.
Let them come from me.

I feel so good when we’re like this—
You in command of the mission,
Knowing that I’m serving you,
Though I don’t know for what purpose.

Let me sing, let me sing,
Let Your song burst from within me.
All I want is to be Your slave
And praise You with all that is in me.

Praise God
Thank You, Lord Jesus

L. Lapiz


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