Poem: “Late”



The Holy Father is expected
But has not by this time arrived
To celebrate a Mass outdoors –
A stadium is set aside

But not too large, a pocket field
That holds a smallish crowd of faithful, Even so, the seats not filled Empty
ones for late arrivals

Scattered in the sloping grandstand
And the view behind the plate
Is narrowed by the overhang,
The crowd distracted as it waits

Dancers hop and pirouette
To entertain the curious,
No one seems to be upset
Much less urgent, furious

Bouncy dancing, music played
But who will bring the sacrament?
It is as if the Lord delayed
To visit Abram in his tent

The Holy Father is not here
He celebrates the Mass elsewhere
While vendors selling hot dogs, beer
Wander up and down the stairs

June 14, 2011


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