Poem: “Light my Way”


Light my Way

In the beginning was an explosion.
Love exploded as energy filling the void!
Whirling forth from it’s womb,
Light scattered, seen and unseen,
Racing through newborn time towards souls yet created.
Angels, pure as the light itself, invisible
Sped through eons, biding time, until the babe was born.
Love’s energy illuminated them, for shepherds keeping watch,
In the darkness of time, simply
Pursing mundane tasks of their station.
Torch-less shepherds followed the glow, lighting the way.
Their terminus, a flicker of life born hours before,
Of the uncreated Father of Light.

“Thy Word, O God is a Lamp to my footpath!”
Intoned the faithful shepherds, as they prostrated themselves
Before the Beautiful Feet of the precious babe.
Returning to their flocks of families and friends,
The radiance of their eyes lit the paths ahead,
Lamp-stands of the Light which came into the world,
Dispelling the darkness of an ordinary life.

Scattered sunbursts glisten upon gently rippling waters.
Each minute wave reflecting the day’s invigorating promise.
Water absorbing energy from unseen, yet truly present, light,
Warms the medium of life for creatures within its embrace.
Humans frolic and fish in the waters made alive,
By the light of love exploded long ago.
Some, radiant, glowing with infused rays
Pronounce their Te Deum returning words of praise.
Others shiver, and perceive not the love of ancient light,
Sent to warm their soul, their frigid soul, their darkened soul,
Their blinded soul.

Yet! Some struck blind, along a day-lit path,
Brilliantly overwhelmed by the same explosive love,
As In the Beginning,
Commence anew on their journey,
With a question: “Who are You, O Light Unto My Path?
Show me your Beautiful Feet that I may follow.”

“I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest”
The Light replies, as his rays become invisible.

Stacy Peterson


About Author

  • goral

    Light My Way was posted on World Poetry Day – 3/21

  • Stacy Peterson

    The Holy Spirit inspired this poem at the fullness of time, Goral! (World Poetry Day…come! come!)

    A friend asked if I had a poem on Light, which I didn’t.

    So, I brainstormed all the “light” scripture I had hidden within me. Then I asked my homeschooling kids to “STOP” thier math, science, (and childhood revelry) to brainstorm 10 “light” images. With their lists in tow, I went up to my room, sat on my bed, asked to be inspired, and wrote the poem.

    I thought I was goiing to write about “Saints letting in the light” (because I’ve always found that an interesting concept). However, I think the latest findings about light at the edge of time, almost 13.5 billion years old) influenced me, combined with electrons emiting photons as they move to a lower energy level. That’s how God reveals himself to us. He is infinite energy/love. When he gives himself to us, without losing anything of himself, light is created, we are enlightened.

    Plus, I was thinking of Lake Helen at Lassen National Park, CA. Its sapphire blue color is a result of the frigid temperatures which do not allow bacteria to grow. A few miles away is an emerald lake, only a few degrees warmer! The light of love warms the waters of life!

    And, of course, you can see the story of Saul on the road to Damascus. Everyone in his band of murderous “officials” fell to the ground. Only St Paul was blinded and SAW!

    The ending lines provide Lenten nourishment….

    I would never have written this poem, on March 18th, but for my friend’s request.

    • goral

      It’s quite apparent, Stacy, that you’re raising children of Light. Light comes into the world anew, with the the birth of every child. The children of Darkness are always eager to snuff it out.
      I will now go and apply the science of speed skating on my frozen lake.
      it’s called B(u)rrrrr!
      Of course, I will not shiver but contemplate warmly on your poetry, instead.
      You have advance notice for world poetry day 2015, yep!