Poem: “Nomad at Night”


Nomad At Night

Wind scorpions move safely under night’s covernomad
A long life’s  journey erased on windswept dunes
The nomad travels under the stars
Following the rise of many moons

Final morning brings the fruit of hardship’s travels
Then the Nomad will lie down at the feet

Of He who watches in the West
Waving forward those He’s waited to meet
Surrounded by banquets, with music and song!
Hair shining the light of  dawn’s grandeur

The nomad is amazed to see Him so
Never knowing his King was not poor

Surrounding those who’ve known nothing but want
Crowds come around to greet and embrace-
But the eyes of the arrivals, (for now there are many)
Stay on the beauty and love of One most welcoming Face.

Michele Marie


About Author

  • Guy McClung

    “the beauty and love of One most welcoming Face” reminds of Dali’s painting Christ Of St John Of The Cross which shows Jesus immediately after the crucifixion rising above the Cross and above the earth. Christ’s body is not the tortured, scourged, nailed, bloody,dead body on the Cross, but a now-glorious body since the Passion and Death are completed. This beauty of Christ is captured in your words, Michelle.