Poem: “Pierre’s Pockets”


Pierre’s Pockets

The beginning of Wisdom
Is Fear of the Lord,
So Wisdom with age?
I’ve seen no accord.

So you’ve lived many decades
Seen the world more than twice.
But what have you learned?
That sinners are nice?

That sinners eat
And sinners drink
And sinners read
And sinners think!

And sinners have
Sincere desires
Like remodeling rooms
With art that inspires

And compels one to lift
His goblet of wine
To toast all we want
And make want what is mine!

So all in modern
Shall acknowledge their versions
Of propriety.

And when you die,
They’ll bring goblets, blessed lockets
But they’ll realize too late…
Pierre’s shroud has no pockets!

Hilary M. Flanery


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