Poem: “Pixie Led”


Pixie Led

Pixie led, bewildered in the darkness
Follow flame that flickers in the wildness,
Near or farther off cannot be told,
Sheep you wandered silly from the fold

Come closer, then – but how to know how far
The beacon floats ahead – or who you are,
Whether in the air or in the mind,
If body or a spirit of what kind?

Come this way, the darkness has a door
Through which the sheep can enter
 – But what for?
Peace and shelter, rest and harmony,
Other sheep already there – you’ll see

A shepherd would not lead with such a fire
That bobs against the ground and rises higher,
Fear that you will lead me up a hill
And there’s a drop, a falling and a kill

But if you are a shepherd, what’s your name?
Follow Me, they call me, sometimes Fame,
Money, Beauty, Admiration, Pleasure,
Flattery and Cruelty and Terror

Come to me, the light shines up ahead
Where I can lead you will be warm and fed,
The light you show in darkness is confined,
No blood, no flesh, is only in the mind

July 13, 2011


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