Poem: “Prepare Sunday–Second Sunday in Advent”


Prepare Sunday–Second Sunday in Advent

Prepare the geography of your soul
For the caller of every ewe,
The shepherd of verdant proclamations:
Water the wastelands of unforgiveness
With torrential tears
See dust turn to dew.
Level the mountains of peaked pride
So they become grazing fields
Feeding the least and hungriest of these,
All those you have outcasted, spurned.
Smooth out the crags and cracks of your words
Feel the balm of God’s breath in your repentance.
Go to the Jordan on the other side of your doubts
And be baptized in a font of faith
Hasten all these preparations and then
Wait and watch for one with untied sandal straps
Coming to embrace you.

Philip C. Kolin
6 December 2011


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