Poem: “Quiet Wonder”


Quiet Wonder

The rocking chair’s gentle embrace
Held you and me in its slow pace
Suspended, in both time and place.

As I, in quiet wonder, said a prayer.

We laughed.
We played.
We sometimes clashed,
But always loved —
Eternal rhythm of our lives.

So I, in quiet wonder, said my prayer.

How time has passed!
It seems, too fast.
That rocking chair is put away —
Replaced with late night talks
Of dreams and plans and ticking clocks

While I, in quiet wonder, say a prayer.

María Morera Johnson


About Author

María Morera Johnson teaches composition and literature at a technical college in Georgia, and consults and writes about trends in post-secondary education. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Star Quest Production Network (sqpn.com) and co-hosts Catholic Weekend, a weekly current events podcast.