Poem: “Raging Crimson Waterfall”


Raging Crimson Waterfall

Oh this twisting red river that saturates me

Catapults me down in a mire of grime

To sordid places I do not aspire to go

Yet set out to so willingly

Each time I want to do good

My corrupted blood denies me[i]


How wretched I am

Who will rescue me?[ii]

My sight is obscured

And my hearing too

Like the quandary of a mole

In the gloomy subterranean void


The wages of sin are death[iii]

Transgression is in my blood

My blood is consumed by malevolence

Iniquity courses throughout my veins

Like a raging crimson waterfall

Emanating from an invisible potent spring


Pain and agony is the indispensable sieve

That prepares my blood for its bathing

For it is only through the shedding of my blood

But first the Blood[iv] of the Unblemished Lamb[v]

That my sins that be as scarlet

Might without vestige become white as snow[vi]


O truly necessary sin of Adam

O happy fault that earned so great,

So glorious a Redeemer![vii]

Who gushes forth the blood cleansing crystal-clear river

Nourishing the Tree of Life

With revitalizing fruit and leaves for my cure[viii]

[i] See Romans 7:21-22

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[vii] Roman Missal

[viii] See Revelation 22:1-2

James Littleton
May 30, 2012


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