Poem: “Rather, I Wish to Blend”


Rather, I wish to Blend

Father of Heaven and earth, hear my cry.
Let my words come to you pure,
Not tarnished by selfish desires,
Rather, pure of purpose and need.

Let me cry out to you, my God,
Of the needs in this simple life.
Let my voice be heard.
Let my needs be seen
And filled according to Your will.

I do not seek to distant, my God.
Rather I wish to blend,
To follow in the pattern You set,
To do what is Your will.

I am little and small, of no consequence,
But whatever I do, I must do for You.
Like the green of the grass, tiny it is.
But oh what a lovely valley You make.

I need not stand out, in what I do,
For that would foil Your purpose.
Rather I request that I go unseen,
Hidden in Your will.

This is my simple prayer,
That I do all that You ask of me,
That you hear my cry and know my need!
Then do whatever you please.

L. Lapiz


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