Poem: “Reading The Will”


Reading The Will
Isaiah 58

From the midst of yourselves, pull out

From the center of yourselves, remove
falsehood and cruel speech.

Feed the hungry, yes, but find some way
to satisfy
the complaints of the afflicted – those
most likely bothered by what you do not do.

Then light shall lift you from the darkness.

Then your gloom shall turn into noon.

Then the Lord will guide you and give you
more than you need even in times as dry
as pebbles, parchment, scorching skin.

God will revive your wilting
with a well-watered garden that draws
from an unceasing spring.

And the wrecked stems shall be

And the old worth will arise.

And they shall call you, “The one
now repaired who once was broken.”

They shall call you, “The one now
restored who once was ruined.”

Mary Harwell Sayler


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