Poem: “Sunset for 2011”


I pulled the car off to the side
Got out to see the sky’s ebb-tide.
Beheld the best I ever saw,
A sunset psalm-like, full of awe.

The clouds’ clean lines were all aglow,
A crimson scene viewed from below.
It ended the trip fittingly,
And the year, magnificently.

South of Ephrata, on the road,
A world of worries to unload.
These verses sprang from human sod,
But such a sunset came from God.

Robert Struble, Jr.


About Author

Writer, retired history teacher, lecturer for Knights of Columbus--Bremerton WA (c. 1379), author of new & as yet unpublished book, "Rekindling the Spirit of 1776: Insurrectionary Solutions for Postmodern Maladies."

  • I have to share this Facebook reply from Kat Chez. Thank you Kat:
    “I wish to respond to your moment of grace
    to acknowledge God spoke to you face to face,
    You heard His beckon and heeded the call
    like many men since our fall…
    You honored Him with a moment of time
    then shared the beauty in glorious rhyme,
    as believers we share a gift from above
    twas one bought with the beauty of love!
    We stand abreast called to heed
    the very real cries of those in need,
    for a moment time stood still
    as you worshiped in awe from that hill!
    A “world of worries” He bore on His back
    as He struggled along that infamous trek,
    He is glorified as you trust and obey
    the one whom was lowly, born in the in the hay.
    Our faith the size of a mustard seed
    lies as witness to His fabulous deeds,
    mysteries wait for those whom dare peek
    His glorious gifts available to all who seek!”

    • Bob, you need to tell her to submit some of her poetry to Catholic Lane too! What a glorious and poetic response she sent you!