Poem: “That Thieving Spirit!”


That Thieving Spirit!

Mark my words- the Holy Spirit is a sly one!
When I began my search for it, quick as lightening it found me-
And then it stole from me!

My eyes,
(Seeing shadows mostly, and hurting in light)
Were fine by me-

Those eyes were well trained
In the art of despair
That darkened my world.

They managed to see ghastly shapes at times,
And I thought them adequate.
But while I wasn’t looking,

That spirit snatched them!
I’m sure it must be so
‘Cause I haven’t found them anywhere!

And though perhaps I should take issue
Having never given my consent
To seeing things I’ve never seen

With new eyes that see quite piercingly,
A world I now see is quite beautiful,
I prefer to let bygones be bygones

And to quell my querulous nature
And to let that Spirit have its way
(And he can keep my old eyes too).

Michele Marie


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