Poem: “The Huuna Bean”


The Huuna Bean

I tucked my little girl in to bed
And this is what my little girl said,
“My teacher said I am a bean! She did!”

Art by Kristen Kolf

Art by Kristen Kolf

“What kind of bean,” I asked, then said,
“A kidney, a Lima, a Navy or Red?
A Lentil, a French, or Great Northern instead?”

“None of those!” my little girl smiled,
Then proudly she stood tall and said,
“A Huuna bean is what I am…

Or so I think my teacher said…”
“Get back in bed, my little bean
It’s time to close your eyes and dream

And yes I think I finally see
Is ‘Human Being’ what you are?”
Her face shone brightly, like a star

“You’re right! That’s it!”
She smiled in bed,
“A Huuna bean, just like I said!”

Michele Marie


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