Poem: “The Ladies (Nurses)”


The Ladies (Nurses)

Ladies of the night,
Ladies of the day,
They lend their hands to Gods’ work,
To heal the sick each day.

With caring and knowing,
They tend their flock.
Holding their hands
And helping them walk

They come with the heart,
Of a woman in love.
And respond as a Mother,
To a child in need.

There is no magic potent,
They bring to their craft.
Just joy, good will and medicine,
To all to whom they serve.

They see not race,
Nor color, nor creed.
Their vision is limited,
To people in need.

Neither man nor woman,
Neither young nor old,
All are the same,
To these hearts of gold

They believe in one thing
And only this.
God put them here,
To help the sick.

He has blessed them in a special way,
With gifts others do not have.
To look in the eyes,
Of the sick and the halt,
Day after day after day,
And know they have within themselves,
The power to touch these lives.

To see within the flock they serve,
The fear, the pain,
The hurt and the family.
This gift they’ve been given,
They use it well.

To serve Gods’ purpose on this land
To bring love and caring to those in need
Till that day comes,
When love will be in abundance.

L. Lapiz


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