Poem: “The Stubborn, the Blind and the Dumb”


The Stubborn, the Blind and the Dumb

Take Stonewall and Jack by their halters And lead them out of the stable To
graze in the bright green meadow, They will come without question behind you

But if God takes a man by the shoulders
And leads him out of his prison
Of death to walk in the meadows
Of Paradise Green, he will cavil

The world is my stall and my stable
And I know of no other but these,
And the dark is gathering quickly,
And I do not believe, says he

The horses know how to obey,
They are under the power of Man,
They lower their heads to the grazing
But we are afraid and remain

Soon He will come to remind us
That the time of the strolling has come, He will lead us to where He
intended – The stubborn, the blind and the dumb

June 25, 2011


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