Poem: “There is Hope in my Heart”


There is Hope in my Heart

Here in my heart is where You belong.
Here is where I want You to stay.
Forever Friend, Lord and Master,
Do not go away.

I have such great need of you,
Always, and always, and always
You are my life’s desire,
My Forever Faithful Friend.

Stay close, stay close,
Always near at hand,
So that in times of darkness and trial,
I can reach out and hold your hand.

Teach me, truly to be good,
And walk in the way I should.
Remind me always of the love You bear
And help me to be what I could.

I am so sinful,
I know I am.
And yet You are always my friend.
Because of You,
There is hope in my heart
That one day I will be good.

L. Lapiz


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