Poem: ” Trouble, Disappointment and Grief”


 Trouble, Disappointment and Grief

At a time in our lives
When all should be well.
There is trouble, disappointment and grief.
How can this be so?
Where is God?

An often asked question,
With no satisfactory answer.
Some would offer,“Sacrifice is a blessing.”
Others would suggest “God is too kind for that”

Were I brilliant enough to provide an answer, I would.
But I know little
And believe much.

I believe in God.
I believe He knows our every breath.
I believe He would willingly seal our every pain,
But He cannot by His own edict.

We are free.
Free to be free, free to be foul.
Choices we make with collateral consequences.
Choices we make which engender love.

How did we cause our own trials?
Why would we have done this to ourselves?
Freedom, free will, and a sinful nature,
Without faith, we are drawn to our own destruction.

It is easy to blather on
In theocratic mumbo jumbo.
But when the incense clears,
And the pain remains,
We are left with Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Someday there will be a clear answer
To our question.
Why God, Why?
And we will be assured that all had a purpose.
For us or for another

We are not alone.
And our neighbor doses not live next door.
But he is our neighbor.
And much that we do and endure
Benefit him.

“Why” is the question.
But Faith, Hope, and Charity
Has always been the answer.

It is not essential for us to understand.
It is essential that we believe.
In God,
And trust in God.
He will see you through your trials.
For He is with you,
Every step of the way,

L. Lapiz


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