Poem: “Unforgettable”



This the day so long foretold
The day of little light
The day of justice lacking
The day of man’s ingratitude
The day of cowardice and fear

This the day of torture and sorrow
The day of darkness and death
The day of horror and pain
The day of weeping women
The day of uncaring masses

This the day sin prevailed
The day that mirrored night
The day so profound and tragic
The day of death and new life
The day with kiss betrayed

This the day your apostles fled
The day Peter knew you not
The day the cock crowed thrice
The day of whips and chains
The day of piercing thorns

This the day of spittle and stones
The day of splintered wood
The day your cross bearing
The day of multiple falls
The day of Simon’s helping hand

This the day of Veronica’s veil
The day stripped of clothing
The day your mother sobbed
The day her heart broken
The day of human slaughter

This the day your limbs dislocated
The day hammers struck the nails
The day of severed nerves
The day hands and feet fastened to a tree
The day my sins held you there

This the day you gasped for air
The day you hung in writhing pain
The day two women at your feet
The day John the only Apostle there
The day of unquenchable thirst

This the day your Sacred Heart pierced
The day blood and water flowed
The day your blood watered the soil
The day even you felt forsaken
The day one thief entered paradise

This the day another rejected heaven
The day Mary became my mother
The day she embraced her children
The day your killers forgiven
The day you reopened the gates

This the day you died for me
The day a tomb not your own
The day of our redemption
The day salvation offered
The day of transforming grace
This the day always to remember

Mike Seagrif


About Author

Michael Seagriff, a retired attorney and Administrative Law Judge, was formerly involved in a prison ministry program and has enjoyed the last 10 years coordinating and promoting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. He treasures his vocation as a Lay Dominican and aspires to speak, write and "share the fruits of his contemplation." His blog appears at: http://harvestingthefruitsofcontemplation.blogspot